Monday, April 13, 2015

Creed/Creeda:23 weeks

4-12-15: My little love bug you are 23 weeks old! You are sitting up so much better this week. You are getting up on your hands and knees and rocking back and forth; you even lunge a few times and wipe out on your sweet little face! Your sisters are MORE than ready for you to get mobile but this mom really isn't! This week you decided you should nurse every 2 hours ALLLL night long and it was exhausting to say the least! We are gonna start cereal this coming week and I hope and pray that keeps your belly full and you sleep ALLLL night long! 

 Look at you sitting up in the rocking chair like a big boy!
 Oh that smile.....
 I could just eat you up sweet boy!

 You reach for EVERYTHING these days!
 And these big sisters.......well they are all yours buddy! You have them...hook line and sinker!
 I am so not sure what I did in life to deserve these three but I will be eternally thankfully I was chosen to be their mommy!
 You are loving the musical top Papa Barry got you!

 This last week has been beautiful! We have spent lost of time outside and on the trampoline which you LOVE!
 My two handsome fellows just hanging out at Kinley's ball practice!
 Your daycare sent me these pictures last week and it just made me happy to see you so happy at school!

 My big cheeser!
 And guess what.....we finally got your newborn pictures framed and daddy hung them up this weekend! So you are officially on wall and part of the family,lol!
 And you you have two big sisters who LOVE to play dressup......this is just bound to happen!
 You were so tickled at all of us laughing at you........okay not all of us..,,,, Daddy didn't much care for it so he rolled over and refused to par take in the laughter!
 You barely had enough hair to hold that silly bow in! (See daddy still turned over back there,lol!)
 I would take a HOUSE full of girls and been one happy momma; but the Lord decided to give us a boy and I am so glad he did! You have opened my heart to boy lovins and it's amazing to say the least!
 I think I laughed and carried on as much as your sisters did,lol!
Oh and MC had a blast with you.......she said.......We will call her Creeda!  We love you Creeda but I am sure this will be the only time daddy lets us have this kind of fun with you,lol!