Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Kinley: Four AND a HALF!

Oh My Word......FOUR AND A HALF!!!! Yikes we are now officially half way to FIVE Kinley Beth! I mean I have to stop and really soak that in......half way to FIVE.  You have always been sugar but your spice if sure kicking in these days! You have turned into the most sensitive child EVER!!! I mean if I even start to get on to you about ANYTHING you just melt down. If I cut my eyes at you to let you know I don't agree with what you are doing or how you are acting........the water works start! Oh my dear sweet drama queen you are so full of your daddy's dry sense of humor it's almost unreal! I have never met a child with such QUICK, funny, and right on target come backs! You are at the stage where you want NOTHING done to or put in your hair......"I want it straight Please," is what I hear every morning. No bows, no headbands, no bobbie pins, no side pony tails....NOTHING! You are quite the talker; some days I feel so sorry for your sweet little NEVER gets a even talk in your sleep most nights! You sing and dance NON stop these days.....and even if you don't know the words.....well you will just make up whatever sounds good to you! You would give anything to be able to skip pre-K this coming year and go straight to Kindergarten and it makes you so mad when we say you have to wait a whole year to go.  We love you sweet Kinley; our life would be so quite and dull without you in it! 

 oh the strain of a fake smile,lol!

 The Easter bunny left pin wheel flowers last week and you couldn't wait to take your picture by them!

 Goodness you just look so grown!

 Now there is your real and gorgeous smile!!!!

 And what better way to start off being 4 1/2 than heading to the movies with sister and Nana to watch HOME! You LOVED it!!!!
 And you got these super scary mask from your Sonic wacky pack and sent me this hilarious picture!
And yall could not wait to let brother try the mask on when you got home! 
Then we all loaded up and head to Hot Springs to see the Easter Bunny! 
My three sweet little blessings!