Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Micah Claire: Inching closer to 8

Micah Claire: 4 years 7 months......well another month has just flown by us and you are inching closer to Eight years old!!! It tickles you to say, "I'm almost eight mom!" You are my rock my sweet Claire bear. You help me more than you will ever know. There are some days, especially when Daddy is working late, that you step up like an adult and help me run the house! You are now making your own lunch almost everyday; you pack your gym bag and your softball bag for the week; you line all your after school snacks and drinks out just like a little mommy! You sister looks up to you and wants to be just like you. You brother adores you; you can stop his fussing and make him smile in no time flat! You are as stinking boy crazy as the day is long. Maddox still has your heart; you talk about him NON STOP! But, when he is around your clam up and get so shy,lol! This month you started softball practice. You have moved up to machine pitch and you are doing fantastic! Your games start in a few weeks and I am ready to watch in action!!! We just got your 3rd nine weeks report card yesterday and you made ALL A's again! But most important to us; is the note your teach writes about you. This nine weeks note said you are always excited and ready to learn and you LOVE to help others who need a little extra help on work! That just makes my heart so proud MC! You are already planning our next trip to Dallas, you are working on plans for our upcoming Gulf Shores and Branson tips; I think one day you will be quite the world traveler! We Love You MC; you are our first love, the one who taught us more than we ever expected to learn when we signed up to become parents. Your soul is so sweet and precious Claire Bear! 

 Love when I get a real smile from you!

 I sure do miss that old snaggel tooth smile you use to have!

 Be still my heart!

All of God's grace in one sweet face!