Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring Break In Dallas:

Spring Break Finally Came! You girls spent three days with Nana going NONSTOP! You went to see Cinderella, you went bowling, and you went shopping! And if that wasn't enough we took off Friday and headed to Dallas!!! You girls asked for American Girl Doll gift cards for Christmas so you have been itching to spend them for 3 months now! 

Our goal was to leave at 8am......we pulled out at 8:30am..........30 minutes behind schedule isn't so bad for us so it was a success in my book! You girls were ALL SMILES!
Then about 1 1/2 hours into the trip........I look in the mirror to see,lol!
And the....are we there much longer till we get there.....Im hungry........I have to pee.........STARTED!
Creed you were GREAT! You slept 3 hours straight! You didn't know what to think when you woke up in the state of Texas!
But after you nursed you were HAPPY and ready to finish out the road trip!
FINALLY...after 4 hours....we made it to The AGD Store!!!!!!! The place where girls come to play with there dolls and parents spend there entire paycheck to do it!
I almost couldn't' get yall to stop and take a wanted in that store!

We had to have potty break first off.......and wouldn't ya know it they have a doll holder for you in each stall...........DEAR LORD what will they think of next!

You wanted their ears pierced immediately so up stairs we went!
Showing off the new jewelry!
Kinley said......she did so good mommy, she was brave, she didn't cry one tear! Cracked me up!
Then it was time to pick them out some new outfits!  MC chose this cute red and black outfit
And of course Kinley bugs chose something with a tutu skirt!

Me and my girls!

Then it was time to eat!

yall had a blast feeding your dolls!

Kinley fell in LOVE with this huge flower light; she asked if we could take it home!

MC got the fruit and yogurt and it was almost to pretty to eat!
And of course Kinley got pizza!
OMG and I got the spinach artichoke dip and it was HEAVEN on earth!!!
Even Creed joined us for our lunch so daddy could do some shopping all alone.......lucky guy ;-)
And then the dessert..........

Time to dig in!!!!

They said it was TWO thumbs up good,lol!
And Kinley...... you decided there was just a little bit left in the bottom and you need it.........
You are the cutest little chocolate lover ever!

Then it was time to hit the doll salon!

Kinley even got to sign the receipt all by herself!

And before we left the stumble upon the gymnastics set...........Uhhhhh I am sooo hoping they forget about this little ($600) set up!
We got all checked into the hotel.......ate some pizza.......and then it was time to hit the poo!

It took Creed a few minutes to decided the pool was okay!

Daddy taking Creed for his first dip......and it went really well till some kid splashed him,lol!
Saturday was time to rise and shine and do even more!
We moved on to Grapevine Mills!
 First stop there was the aquarium!

Creed LOVED all the lights and animals! Everything was right at eye level for him in the stroller!

These two were scared to death to walk thru the 360 degree tunnel...... they didn't know what to think about the glass floor. I was dying laughing watching them.........especially when a huge shark swam right up to them!

And what a family picture without one kid having a slight melt down,lol!
The jelly fish tank was fabulous!

As I was shopping daddy was having too much fun dressing Creed up!
I mean could he be any freaking CUTER!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Then it for lunch at the Rain Forrest Cafe!

They were in awe of everything... I LOVED to watch them light up when they got excited!

Even brother enjoyed the atmosphere!

We shopped some more.....swam again....then we hit the hay
.....and of course the dolls slept with them!
 Then came Sunday and we had to get ready to head home!
  My three little love bugs!
Mind you we had been up for probalby 30 minutes and I even took these picutes...we did some packing and cleaning up.......then headed down to we are getting off the elevator I look and Kinley and...............
and THIS is what I see!!!! Kinley.....did you write on your face?!?!?! ................
Ummm no mom I didn't! Really Kin........she bust out laughing and says......well okay maybe I did! I can't think of any better way to end a vacation that with a self drawn face tattoo,lol!