Thursday, May 28, 2015

Andy Allison Super Kids Fun Run!

Two weekends ago our little town had a big Craw ish festival! The adults got to do a 5K or 10K  and after that it was time for the Andy Allison Kids Run! My girls LOVE this race and look forward to it every year! 

Pre-race excitement!
MG and MC showing off their splits
Then it was time for the official warm up!
GK, MG, and MC.......sweet buds!

LOVE that they are holding hands before the race! Just PRECIOUS!

Kinley and her sweet little friends pre-race pics!
LOVE the serious and intense look on Kinley's face! She was all about that race! 
She gave it her ALL!
Almost to the finish line!
Look at that pony tail swinging and that big stride!
She was so excited to get her medal! She is ready for next year when she turns 5 and they give trophies if they place!
MC in full stride!
Maybe its just the runner in me......but I just LOVE look at their forms!
Almost back to the finish line!

LOVE LOVE LOVE her form! 

Post race.....showing off their medals!
And after each race they draw names to win a free bike and guess who won for the 7-8 year group....YEP MC did!!!!!!!!! She was beyond tickled about it too!

Me and girls! So proud of them!

And baby brother.......well he slept through most of the morning activities!
He did wake up in time to take a selfie with Taylor and Sadie! 
After race and lunch it was time to hit the rides! I mean.....these two no more got on here and the bottom fell out! I mean it poured rain while they were on there and they enjoyed every second of it! They thought it was hilarious! 
MC and Coop flying their own copter!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Creed: 28 weeks

My sweet boy you are 28 weeks old! We finally had your 6 month check up on Friday. You are 18#7oz and 27 inches long! You are growing like a weed! When I took you into the church nursery yesterday, two of the workers both said you liked like you had grown a bunch since last week.  You got three shots and they upset you for less than minute and then your were back to your old happy self! You are such a tuff little dude! And much to my surprise you had thrush. Uhhh, didn't see that one coming! But a few days of medicine will clear that all up! Twice this week you pulled yourself up...It totally SHOCKED me!!!You are still super close to crawling; you will pull your knees up and lunge forward. As soon as you figure out how to move those hands you will be gone and all over the place. You can get from a crawling position back to sitting position very well now! You started waving bye-bye this week and you shake you head NO like crazy when we tell you to! I just love watching you grown and learn new things; its so fun! 

 Could you look any more grown up?!?!
 Chewing on those favorite thing to do!

 You have the sitting up thing mastered these days!

 oh look my shoe string.......
 Creed....look at mommy!
Oh...found my fingers again!
 Oh....there's that shoe again.........
 Well let me get out of here........
 ohhhh theres my favoirte chair......
 Let me lounge for it!
 Oh hey mom! You still there?!?
 Let me see where I can go now......
 Uhhhh you and that camera are every where lady.........
Okay I will give ya one last smile!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Creed: 27 weeks

5-12-15: 27 weeks and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! I can't think of better way to celebrate turning 27 weeks old than celebrating Mother's Day too! It was one year ago this very weekend we told the girls and our family that you were in my tummy! We have been through lots from the pregnancy up until this point but it was ALL worth it. 

My baby boy you look half grown here! And YES your shoes are on the wrong foot....MY BAD!!!
Daddy and those silly sisters stealing your attention,lol!

I just LOVE your half crooked smile! MELTS ME!
Poor Sick daddy was such a sport on Mother's Day. He was so weak and tired from having the stomach bug all weekend, but he still took me to Cracker Barrel for breakfast! You got to sit in the high chair like a big boy!
You were into everything and dropped everything a hundred times! Every time I took a bit of my french toast you opened wide,lol! Maybe next year I will share them with ya!
The Mother's Day Planter you made me at school! OMG it melted me to see your sweet little foot prints!

Saturday we were suppose to head to Fayetteville to watch Amy Jo graduate, but daddy was up all Friday night/Saturday morning with the stomach bug so that caused a big change of plans! So Saturday morning we had some unplanned free time so I you and hit up Walmart and I decided to let you try and ride in the buggy like a big boy. OH MY did you LOVE it!!! You had a blast looking around, talking to people, playing with your toys. It was just precious to watch you be so excited!
My little camera ham!
It was also Papaw's birthday so you helped him open his present!
I think you will be a pro at that way before your 1st birthday!
And since you can sit up now the girls begged me to let you sit in the bath tub and let them in too. Even though it was crowded in were on cloud nine!
This silly spatula is your favorite toy and it cracks me up since we have a house full of crap to actually play with,lol!
MC said.....mommy take a picture and put it on Instagram and say.....Rub a dub dub....Three kids in the tub! Totally cracked me up! This Mother's Day may have not gone as planned.....but it was still perfect!
And this week..... we advanced from the sippy cup with hands to a real sippy cup! You held it like a champ I tell ya!
LOVE this picture that day care sent me yesterday! You are just so pretty!
Tuesday Uncle Brian and Colton came to watch MC's ball games and you had a blast playing with Colton!
You have been rocking on your hands and knees for about 2 weeks now and this weekend you started putting a plank in there! It amazes me how strong you are little man! You remind me so much of MC as a baby; she did this same stuff. She never really crawled; she just stood up at 8 months and started walking! I am not really ready for a walking baby yet! We got a lot of baby proofing to do before that starts!
Aunt Paige gave you one of Greer's old toys and you LOVED it!!! It cracked me up how you started waving your hands just like the bear did!