Thursday, May 28, 2015

Andy Allison Super Kids Fun Run!

Two weekends ago our little town had a big Craw ish festival! The adults got to do a 5K or 10K  and after that it was time for the Andy Allison Kids Run! My girls LOVE this race and look forward to it every year! 

Pre-race excitement!
MG and MC showing off their splits
Then it was time for the official warm up!
GK, MG, and MC.......sweet buds!

LOVE that they are holding hands before the race! Just PRECIOUS!

Kinley and her sweet little friends pre-race pics!
LOVE the serious and intense look on Kinley's face! She was all about that race! 
She gave it her ALL!
Almost to the finish line!
Look at that pony tail swinging and that big stride!
She was so excited to get her medal! She is ready for next year when she turns 5 and they give trophies if they place!
MC in full stride!
Maybe its just the runner in me......but I just LOVE look at their forms!
Almost back to the finish line!

LOVE LOVE LOVE her form! 

Post race.....showing off their medals!
And after each race they draw names to win a free bike and guess who won for the 7-8 year group....YEP MC did!!!!!!!!! She was beyond tickled about it too!

Me and girls! So proud of them!

And baby brother.......well he slept through most of the morning activities!
He did wake up in time to take a selfie with Taylor and Sadie! 
After race and lunch it was time to hit the rides! I mean.....these two no more got on here and the bottom fell out! I mean it poured rain while they were on there and they enjoyed every second of it! They thought it was hilarious! 
MC and Coop flying their own copter!