Monday, May 4, 2015


May 2nd 2015.....WOW......Holy Cow........I can't believe six month have come and gone so very quickly Creed! You are sitting up all by yourself and you hardly ever fall back. You now get up on your hands and knees and rock back and forth. Twice you have pushed all the way up and bear crawled backwards. You bottom teeth are all the way in and you aren't sure what to think about them. You are constantly rubbing them with your tongue. You are still having oatmeal at night and so far you have had green beans, carrots, and sweet potatoes. You still have a HUGH appetite! You nurse about 6-7 times/day.....two of which are at night and this ole mommy is SUPER ready for you to sleep all night! You are in 9 month clothes and still in size three diapers. This last week you started to understand strangers . It totally shocked me and daddy to see you get upset when someone pick up on night at church; it was so not like you! You are trying hard to wave bye-bye but usually its just one or two fingers that move. You are getting to sit up in the bath tub these day and you LOVE to splash the water with your hands. I love it when it gets all in your face and you gasp like what in the world just happened here! You are the world's best baby Creed. Happy 6 month birthday sweet boy!

You LOVE getting in the rocking chair; you think you are such a big boy!

And we even ventured outside for some pictures!

You always have at least one hand............
If not both hands in your mouth these days.
And you will NOT sit still very long at all!

You are just to stinking cute my love!

Still hard to believe I know have three kids and one is boy! What blessings you all are!