Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Kinley: MAY ( 4 years 7 months)

May 1st 2015: I mean.....yep...another month has just shot right by us! And the faster it goes; the happier you get. You are so excited to turn 5.  You told daddy the other day you could just skip kindergarten and go to first grade because you already know how to spell: April, Mom, Dad, and Kinley.  You told Nana you couldn't wait to be in 1st grade and in the choir because you had some good moves you needed to show them. Ohh sweet Kinley Beth, you are just something else I tell ya! You are truly coming into your own....which is good and not so good,lol! You are loving softball these days. Last night you got three fantastic hits from your coach's pitch. One ball you smacked over 3rd base! Daddy and I were so impressed.  Apparently you impressed yourself so much you decided those hits earned you an icee.  And of course daddy went to get your one.......but the machine was broken.  Thankfully you settled for a popsicle! Brooklyn and Madi are your bffs and you talk about them non-stop. And some days Aiden is your boyfriend and some days it's Henry,lol! 

Your teacher said.......Kinley if you could give your sister anything, what would it be? You replied tape! She asked why tape and you said.......So I could tape her mouth shut! OMG I about wet my pants when she told me that! You are a total nut Kinley Cowart and I love every silly bit of you!!!!
Only 5 months till 5 years old!

You just had to photo bomb sisters picture which cracked me up and ticked MC off,lol!
uhhhh you look so grown here!
You two cracked me up trying to balance on Aunt Paige's tire swing!

You silly girls!
Your dance recital costume came in last week and you got to try it on! You are soooo excited about doing your tap dance up on that big stage for everyone!
You and Madi......still besties! You are two crazy peas in a pod!
Last Saturday our local high school hosted breakfast with Cinderella and it was awesome! Yall had pancakes, fruit, juice and you each got your very own little glass slipper keepsake!

You and the evil step sisters!

They even gave yall a rose with a poem attached! 

I LOVE this picture of me coaching 1st base and you trying really hard to adjust your socks.....typically Kinley Bugs!