Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Micah Claire: MAY ( 7 Years 8 months)

May 4th, 2015: Micah Claire, I don't even know where to start my dear. Time is flying by and you are busier than ever! You are working hard to make the gymnastics competitive team, so this month you have gymnastics twice a week for 2-3 hours on top of choir, church activities, softball practice twice a a week and 2 games a week. I feel more like your chauffeur than anything else these days! The other day I picked you up from school and you and I went and spent almost 2 hours together before we picked up the other crazy Cowart kids! It was fun to just giggle and talk with ya over a Sonic slush! You mind works non-stop these days I tell ya and you are very much boy crazy! You are growing by leaps and bounds! You are almost up to my shoulders and that just tickles you pink! You still love school and are still making all A's! Math has not been your strong point but this last nine weeks you have really started enjoying it! Last night we toward the school you will be moving to next year for 2nd grade............SECOND GRADE.....HOLY COW!!! It seems like a bigger school and things seem more spread out but it actuality its probably the same as the school you are in now..... and it's just this mommy's crazy imagination running wild! You are so ready for 
the summer: you are ready to go camping, hit the beach, take swim lessons, 
and attend your very first summer camp!  

Love this crinkled little nose!

You had so much fun at breakfast with Cinderella!

Last week 1st grad had filed day at your school and you had a BLAST doing all the water sports!

We got your last mid nine weeks progress report! I can't believe in 3 weeks we will be getting your last 1st grade report card! We are so proud that you always try your best but mostly that your teacher tells us how sweet and helpful you are to her and the other students!


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