Monday, June 1, 2015

Creed: 30 weeks on the Beach!

As soon as Kinley tapped her way off stage Saturday....... we loaded up and head the car to Gulf Shores! We made it half way Saturday night and then finished the ride Sunday morning. Creed officially turned 30 weeks old on the shores of the Gulf! He did great; didn't cry one single time on the trip down!

Creed turning the big THREE ZERO!
And he was SUPER happy about it!
Hey..what is that........
well let me so see........
maybe I will try and stand up
okay that wont work........I will just..........
sit back down ...............
okay I need to work my abs and do some more plank work
maybe I can do push ups........
or .......may not
LOVE this sweet and big smile! Such a happy baby!
These girls could not wait to get their suits on and hit the beach!
Creed first beach pic!

First steps on the sandy shore!

He LOVED digging into the sand .............and even ate a few bites of it a time or two!
My little mermaid!
 My silly big girl having a blast in the ocean!
Creed LOVED it! He squealed every time a wave came up to him!
Family fun the waves!

MC wrote this in the sand and it melted my heart! This time last year we knew he was a boy but we had not decided on a name yet. But now he is here and has a name and we can't imagine life without him!
Super Creed!
What a precious smile! Life is just too good!