Monday, June 29, 2015

Creed: 34 weeks

 34 weeks old.......I's only 18 weeks till your 1st birthday......WOW that just blows my mind thinking about that! You are crawling like crazy and this week you started pulling up on everything! A few times you have tried to let go and stand on your own. I am so excited that you are growing but I would so love to keep your little forever sweet boy! Daddy thinks you are ready to walk and wanted to go by you a walker this weekend and I had to beg him to wait on that. Mommy is just not ready for her baby to walk! You two top incisors came in this week and gracious sakes a live did you earn those bad boys! You were super fussy at night and did not want to sleep. You wanted to be held and nursed all night. But they are officially in and you are back to sleeping all night thank the Lord. But you front teeth should be coming on in gums are super swollen!
 You had this shirt on for less than 10 minutes and this how much drool you had that fast! CRAZY amounts of drool I tell ya!

 Yep we spiked your hair again! I just love it!

 Every little noise you hear you have to investigate! You are a busy body!

 LOVE these sweet big ole cheeks!

 pulling up like crazy!

 rockin the hawk!
 Thumbs up for mom................
 nope..just on the way to the mouth........
 I am mommy's little thumb sucker!
 you and your thumb..........

 Yep......letting go and trying to stand like a big boy!

 Our sweet little tikes!
 I mean........there is NOTHING cuter than all these smiles! I so wish we could add another smile or two to this crew.......but daddy says NO WAY!!!!!
 Sweet sugar from those silly sisters!