Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fun in Gulf Shores

Uhhh it seems like forever ago that we were on the white sandy beaches of Gulf Shores! What I would give to go back! The big kids and the little kids had a blast! It was a full week of NON activities! There wasn't' much in Gulf Shores we didn't do! I am already ready for next years visit! 

 Day One: Sun and Sand!
 My beach babes!
 Creed's first trip to Gulf Shores!
 He didn't know what to think about the super blinding son!


 First steps into the Gulf!
 My silly big girl!
 Family Pic in the waves!

 Day Two: More Fun in the "shaded" sun!
 Followed by a nap!
 Uhhhhh just precious!
 Then it was Tacky Jacks time!
 Nana's first trip there ever! She's sooo been missing out!
 And Creed was SUPER excited about his first trip there too!
 We found out names from 2013
 And then our names from 2014
 And then put our new 2015 tag up!

 LOVE that the girls can write their names now!

 Night Three: The Track! PRE water boat pic.....

 MC was so excited to be tall enough to drive her own bumper boat!

And POST water boat pic! We were SOAKED!!!

MCs frist go cart experience

 Mommy.....don't speed and get a ticket.....cracked me up!

 Kinley's first ride too!
 She was all smiles......she has not one ounce of fear!
The second time around she got to ride with me! She said.....I like riding with you; so go way faster than Aunt KayKay, she drives like an old lady! 
 Morning Four; breakfast at our favorite place!

 Can't believe how much they've grown sicne last year!

 Time for the treasure hunt!

 Day Five: LuLu's!
 Creed had a ball people watching with Nana!

 KB doing her handstand in her water ball!

 flipping like crazy! And Creed squealed the whole time he was watching her!

 the sister attack! So funny to watch them go after each other!
 Last year I was 6 months pregnant and couldn't do the ropes but this year.....uhhh I had no excuse and MC made me do it!

 Level One .........not so bad

 Going up to level 2
 PURE FEAR! I was shaking like a leaf!

 Level Three....Dear Lord!
let me tell you about level four.......well I got nothing to say because this mommy chickened out BIG TIME! The was no way in this world I was going up any higher! I told MC to go and I would wait patiently for her on level 3 !
Riding down in the elevator heading to the beach with my happy boy!

 Uhhh this picutre makes me want to pack up; gas up; and head south east RIGHT NOW!!!
 Beach selfie!
 This baby loved every minute of the beach! He was everywhere and into everything!

 Poor sissy was pooped.......too much fun all week long!
 My little surfer!

 Love this nutty little girl!


 And finally brother had reached his limit of fun and crashed for his daily beach nap.......oh what a hard life he leads!

 Our last day this young man caught this right beside us and was super nice enough to show everyone and explain what it was!
 He told us the name but my mommy brain totally forgot it!
It has this suction on its head and it attaches under a sharks belly and eats all scraps the shark leaves behind!
And  what better way to end every night at the beach than with a bubble bath! Kinley loved this
"Ja-rooz-ie" tub!


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