Wednesday, July 29, 2015

38 weeks

7-26-15: 38 weeks old: ONLY 14 weeks till your 1st birthday Creed. You are unstoppable these days. You have discovered the toilet paper holder/roll in the bathrooms and LOVE to make piles and piles of toilet paper! You love to knock over the trash cans in the bathrooms and anytime someone opens the door to the fridge you make a B line for it! You love to play in the crisper drawers of the fridge and chew all over the lid to the ketchup bottle! Saturday I  was cooking and the girls were playing in the living room and you were napping on my bed.......and then I heard it.....BOOM followed by your screaming. You fell off the bed and had a big red bump on your forehead! It just broke my heart and MC's too! I guess I didn't have enough pillows barricading you in and you woke up and just 
crawled right of the bed. I am sure there will be more accidents to follow by my heart
 is just not ready for them! 
38 weeks old!
cant sit still
talking/babbling up a storm!

looking anywhere but at mommy and the camera!

Saturday we found a 3ft tall spider-man plush doll and you sisters insisted he ride then the buggy with you! You LOVED it!
And Saturday afternoon we had chocolate fudge Popsicle as an afternoon snack and you wanted a bite so bad! I have NEVER given the girls anything sweet till their first birthday.........but they begged me to let you have some and I am a sucker so I let ya try it!
Can ya tell you LOVED it! You were so sad when the stick was empty,lol1
Sunday after was lake time! My two cutie captains!
Bless were just too tired to party with us! You crashed like a ton of bricks!
I mean could you be any sweeter! NO you couldn't!! Love you CB!