Wednesday, July 29, 2015

38 weeks

7-26-15: 38 weeks old: ONLY 14 weeks till your 1st birthday Creed. You are unstoppable these days. You have discovered the toilet paper holder/roll in the bathrooms and LOVE to make piles and piles of toilet paper! You love to knock over the trash cans in the bathrooms and anytime someone opens the door to the fridge you make a B line for it! You love to play in the crisper drawers of the fridge and chew all over the lid to the ketchup bottle! Saturday I  was cooking and the girls were playing in the living room and you were napping on my bed.......and then I heard it.....BOOM followed by your screaming. You fell off the bed and had a big red bump on your forehead! It just broke my heart and MC's too! I guess I didn't have enough pillows barricading you in and you woke up and just 
crawled right of the bed. I am sure there will be more accidents to follow by my heart
 is just not ready for them! 
38 weeks old!
cant sit still
talking/babbling up a storm!

looking anywhere but at mommy and the camera!

Saturday we found a 3ft tall spider-man plush doll and you sisters insisted he ride then the buggy with you! You LOVED it!
And Saturday afternoon we had chocolate fudge Popsicle as an afternoon snack and you wanted a bite so bad! I have NEVER given the girls anything sweet till their first birthday.........but they begged me to let you have some and I am a sucker so I let ya try it!
Can ya tell you LOVED it! You were so sad when the stick was empty,lol1
Sunday after was lake time! My two cutie captains!
Bless were just too tired to party with us! You crashed like a ton of bricks!
I mean could you be any sweeter! NO you couldn't!! Love you CB!

37 weeks

7-19-15: 37 weeks...gracious me... time is is going by at mock speed my sweet boy! This week you started clapping and saying YAY! I was just telling daddy that you weren't a climber like your sisters and I mean less than 10 minutes later you were climbing up into your rocking chair. Thanks for proving me wrong CB! And then of course after few times climbing up and down you got brave and decided to let go and down you went...face first. I don't' know who cried, me, or Micah Claire! You know thing is real funny to say Uh-oh and then drop your cup. I bet ya we do that same song and dance 50 times a day and you laugh every time! 
Kinley fixed your hair Sunday for church of course she spiked it up! She gets so tickled when she fixes your hair and it cracks me up!
You see how wet your shirt is...........thats DROOL.....TONS of it!!!! Your front top two teeth are trying so hard to come in!
Clapping YAY!!!!!

You do not sit still for long....... you want to be everywhere checking everything out!

And here you are pulling up on your rocking chair
up and down........up and down; its all you do!
Then distracted by the passy!
You hate the passy and always have....but you have discovered that you can turn it sideways and chew the fire out of it!
You have the BEST big sisters! They love to show you new thins and entertain you!

It took you a second to decide if you really wanted to crawl through that spooky tunnel........
but you did it and loved! And then did it seventy-three more times,lol!

Creed: 35 and 36 weeks

35 weeks old!
You had your hair cut just days before this picture and I love your new look!
Such a big precious smile!

and four pictures was about all I got before you took off!

you at 35 weeks old.......... and me at 35 weeks pregnant with you! Seems like just yesterday I tell ya!

 36 weeks old! You LOVE to swing on the front porch swing so we try to do it every night before bed! We swing, we sing, we clap, and you smile the entire time!
 You LOVE selfies! As soon as you see yourself on the phone you start cracking up!
 We are almost done baby foods! You want the real deal and I can't say I blame ya!
 My happy, happy, boy!
 Pool time! You love to slash water but really get ticked off when it hits you in the face!

more fun with selfies!

Kinley is always spiking your hair so MC wanted to try it. I think she got a little carried away but you still rocked it!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Micah-Claire: JULY

July 2015: uhhhhh only 2 months and you will be EIGHT. It's kinda hard to say, to type, to even think about! You are my pride and joy, my right hand girl! 
You have had a fun and very exciting summer! 

 Love your big ole silly smile! Cheesy but precious!

 You will NOT stop growing and you love that you are almost up to my shoulders in height!

LOOK who made the paper during swim lessons.......YOU did sissy!
You have moved up to the gymnastics competitive team. Yall have spent three hours together three times a week and you are loving it! You got your own gym locker, you own team leo, you are learning new routines and last got invited to a pool party with all your new teammates! You were so excited, you read the letter inviting you OVER and OVER again! And then daddy got home and you read it to him OVER and OVER again too! It makes my heart so happy that you love gymnastics and you love your new team! They are such a sweet group of girls for you to grow with, learn with, and bond with! 

2015-2016 Hot Shots!
And we had a SUPER SPECIAL Delivery yesterday!!!!  It took all I had to get her to pose for this picture.........she was ready to dig into that box!
 Oh the anticipation!!!!
 The LUNCH BOX............ and............
 The BACKPACK!!!!!!
 Oh the joy on that face... I love it! And I LOVE those little hands at the bottom of the picture sooo much! He wanted in on all the excitement!

 Saturday night you ran the Dam Night Run for the second. We couldn't pick our packets and chip timer up till 3 pm and you could NOT wait. You drove me nuts all day long wanting to know....HOW much longer till 3!
 Waiting for the start!
 You and GK post race! You girls did an AMAZING job! You ran the 5k in 38 minutes! MC that was 8 minutes faster than you did it last year! I am so proud of you for trying so hard!
 3.1 miles, HEAT, water cannon, water melon, and family! What else could you possibly need?
Sunday after church, we took the boat out. Apparently you were spent from the race and you crashed! LOVE you sweet girl!