Monday, July 13, 2015

Creed: 8 months old

7-2-15: Holy Cow..... another month has come and gone and you are a whopping EIGHT months old my sweet boy! You are EVERYWHERE. You are crawling faster than lightening these days. You are now pulling up on every thing and have tried to stand alone a few times. You LOVE to eat! You are still nursing 4-6 times a day and eating a late morning snack and dinner. We haven't found a food yet you don't like. You have two new top teeth and your very front top teeth are swollen so I am betting they will be here by your 9 month old pictures! You are in 9 and 12 month clothing and still in size 3 diapers. 
 My happy 8 month old!

 and then it hit you...........
 you were not bound to that chair.....
 you can turn........
 you can step down..........

and you can fall down.......but you did it slowly and gracefully!
 you are just to handsome I tell ya!
 and I lost your attention after one picture
 I spy one sissy
 and then the other sissy caught my attention!
 YAY for looking at the camera for one whole second!
 and then it was over and you were on to other things way more important than mommy and her camera.

You were just a babbling away......probably saying..enough pictures lady! 
 Fresh strawberries were a HIT!
 You loved your new Ninja turtle pjs your sisters picked out for you! You look like such a big boy!
 OMG.....mommys mashed up sweet potatoes!
 you are a water baby!
 Soaking up those rays!
 Last weekend you had your first camping trip! You LOVED bathing in the camper's tub!
 such a precious smile!!!

 First boat ride! You didn't like the life jacket but loved the ride!
 Your hair has grown like crazy and we finally agreed to trim it up a little bit!
 So Mrs. Taylor to the rescue!
 She had way to much fun giving you your first trim!

 you did long as you had a rice husk in your hand,lol!
look at you......looking like such a big boy!