Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Micah-Claire Is Baptized

On June 10th our sweet girl asked Jesus to come live in her heart; and on Father's Day she went in front of church to share her good news. And this past Sunday she was spiritually baptized! She has been waiting not so patiently for this this wonderful day. Last Thursday night when we were saying our bed time prayers.......she closed with; Dear Lord please let two days go bye real quickly. I couldn't help but smile on the inside and out when I she said it! We should all be so joyous and excited about sharing our news with everyone! Well...Sunday July 12th finally came! It was just the perfect day for her and our family! Full of love, tears, excitement, and celebration!

Can ya tell by that smile she is OVER the moon with excitment!?!?

My heart is over joyed with her decision! Best one she will ever make!

Wish I could bottle this joy and excitement up for her!
And of course mommy and daddy got her a little something to mark the special day!
Her very own cross bracelet!
10:30am could not get there fast enough for her. I am betting she didn't hear one thing her Sunday school teacher said in class Sunday morning!
Emmie, Ava, and MC all made the best decision and all wanted to be baptized together.  I pray these sweet girls always care this much excitement around in their heart for their savior!
Picture with Brother Stan!
Brother Stan explaining the process to the girls
he did a mock run of the actual baptism with each girl and they

Prayer time before the baptism! Just makes every part of this momma smile and cry at the same time!
She was more nervous that I expected her to be!

Such a special moment for you little girl!
MC's gymnastics teacher sent me this picture that she snapped from the balcony and I LOVE that you can see and her daddy watching from behind the wall! I am not sure who was more overwhelmed with or daddy! It was just a super special moment!
After church we had lunch to celebrate!
MC's picked out the cake and EVERY decoration in the place! She spent several days on pinterest picking out the smallest of items.

LOVE the cross cups she made!
Papaw, Ms Debbie and MC!
Aunt Paige, Uncle Jody and sweet Greer!
My Aunt Kay drove three hours to come celebrate with us! MC you are so blessed to have people who love you like you are their very own!
so many shades of blonde,lol!
For months MC has been talking about being saved and when I had doubts about what to say, how to answer her questions, or just needed advice ......this amazing lady was there every time! She ALWAYS says the right thing at the right time and ALWAYS has the best bible versus to share with me! She is my family by marriage but my friend by choice! She is my rock!
And of course we can't have a party without our sister from another mother.....Sadie!
Leave it to Kinley Beth to photo bomb! She is a firecracker to the tee! I pray in the years to come she will follow in your foot steps Micah Claire! She looks up to you in every way. I pray you share the love Christ that you now have with her! I love you sweet girls times infinity!