Sunday, August 30, 2015

A SpaTastic Sleepover

Since MC's birthday will fall on Labor day weekend this year, we decided to have her party a week early! And she has been begging for a sleep over and spa we combined them for a Spa Slumber party! 
 Our super cute invitations!

 EIGHT whole fingers! So glad I have a full week to digest this before it becomes real!

 She picked out every detail even down to the cake and it turned out SUPER cute!

 My big sweet girl! I remember when your birthday cake had a #1 candle on it! The years are just flying bye way to fast!

 When daddy saw the cake we immedialty said....WHY does that cake say 18?!?! It cracked me up! After I quit laughing so hard I explianed that was a bottle nail polish NOT the number 1!

 LOVE the spa face on the cake!

 And you did an awesome job picking out the cookies too!
 They may have looked cute but they tasted WONDERFUL!

 OMG the whole crew..........11 girls!
 One wild crew

 Singing Happy Birthday to my big 8 year old!

 Thinking LONG and HARD about the wish she wanted to make!
 Blowing out all EIGHT candles!
Friends, Pizza, Cake, Cookies, Ice Cream......what more could ya ask for!
 Yummy fruity drinks for yalls pedi and manis!
 Soaking their toes in their warm water!
 Some super excited girls!
 Ms. Taylor brought her chair and did all theirs hair! Kinley was in HEAVEN!

 11pm and these girls were going strong! Us adults on the other hand...........were struggling to stay awake!
 Midnight and even little Ms. Greer was still going at it! They played house, truth or dare. There were more squeals than a Justin Bieber concert!
 Sweet Halle trying to play shy!
Finally at 12:45 they started winding down! 
 And of course they were right back up bright and early at 7am! They danced and of course squealed some more,lol!
Brother loved all the action! He was dancing and clapping right along with them!


Paige Cowart said...

You did an awesome job, Mama!!! A great time was had by all!!!