Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Creed: 39 weeks & 9 Months

 Sunday August 2nd: You turned 39 weeks old and you also turned a BIG NINE MONTHS OLD! Holy Cow....NINE whole months have just flown by I tell ya! You are learning new words all the time. You can say: Mama, Dada, bye, hi, up, and uh oh. You love to give high fives and you have the concept of blowing kisses a little bit backwards. You put your hand on your mouth and let us kiss you......its kinda sweet so I don't even try to correct ya! You are still in size 3 diapers and you weigh just over 21#s! You LOVE FOOD and you are eating 3 meals/day and still nursing 4-6 times a day! You are not fond of strawberrys or grapes, which shocks me! You are pulling up and cruising around the furniture like crazy. You have now stood up on your own four times! Your sisters are SUPER excited and can't wait till you start walking. One of your top front teeth has popped in and the other is super close to being in! You put everything in your mouth; we have to watch you like a hawk I tell ya!
 My sweet, happy 9 month old!

 Clapping for yourself!

reaching for Kinley
Look at that pitiful look you gave her when she said No......... no wonder you are so
spoiled by those girls!

Just chillin and relaxin!

Love you and all your drool sweet boy!

Be still my just look so grown up!
and on the move again......

And that was the end of your 9 month pictures because you pulled up and about went over the top of the swing! I hope my camera isn't' too messed up from chunking it to grab you,lol!