Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Creed: 40 and 41 weeks

8-9-15: 40 weeks old!
 My handsome little man!
 Goodness you already need another hair cut!

 You are just to precious!
 You LOVE the church nursery and all their fun toys!

 And you love the pretty ladies in there too....especially Parker G.!
 You get into EVERYTHING! I cant' turn my back for ONE second without something happening! Good thing your cuteness keeps you from getting into trouble!
 OMG......this has been you almost EVERY NIGHT for the last week! You got THREE new shiny teeth in less than four days and I about pulled my hair out! And of course mommy...or really mommy's boobs....are the only thing that comfort you! But they are in and I pray we get a break from teething!
 We had a massive spring cleaning this week; curtains, drapes, base boards, you name it...we cleaned it. And you had a blast watching!
 OMG our master bathroom has been in reno for an entire MONTH and it has been a nightmare! You were into old tile, old grout, insulation, pipes.....EVERYTHING! But finally this past Friday it was complete! I am so thankful it's over and you can no longer get into all that mess! And an added bonus is now I can stick in the tub while I get ready and can't get out! Wooo hooo!!!!
Yesterday we had your nine month check up and you did great! She said you were perfect, you had a mouth full of teeth, and looked like you hadn't missed a meal,lol! I love you bunches my big boy!