Monday, August 24, 2015

Creed: 42 weeks

8-24-15: 42 weeks old........OMG your 1st birthday is coming soooo quickly! I guess I had better get ready for it or's coming! 
You're hair grows like CRAZY! If you were a girl you would have some super cute pig tails already but since your a boy we got cut that mess,lol! Aunt Taylor saw you Friday night and said....Oh Boy! its time for a Saturday she showed up with all her gadgets and got to work. Yes your pre-trim picture was photo bombed by your crazy sister trying to put bunny ears on you! Sorry CB!
 She took the clippers to you this time and you didn't know what to think about that!
 But after I gave ya a rice husk......ya could have cared less what she did,lol!

 Oh my handsome little man!
 I couldn't resist getting a picutre of you giving daddy fits why he was trying to get your shoes on for church yesterday. You knew what you were doing and cracked yourself up!
 Welcome to Arkansas..........were the humidity will fog your camera lens in half a dang second! UHHH!!!

 Finally a clear picture!
 Oh hey new flowers!

 Just jabbering away at me!

 And look to the left ..............
 And then my right..........
 oh hey momma, you're still there!
 Me and my super sweet boy!!!!!
 And hands right back in that mouth!
 My two handsome guys that I love soooooo much!
And hands........right back in the mouth! I sure hope you break this little habit before your 1 year old pictures!