Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Micah-Claire: August

August 2015: OMG This is your very month to be a SEVEN YEAR OLD!! Gracious sakes alive I am about to have a whopping EIGHT YEAR OLD!! You have had the summer of your life! You were one super busy bee! From gymnastics, to movie dates, to Magic Springs, to camping, to sleepovers! SleepoverS........Yep that's have had three sleep overs this month! You have LOVED them and I have....well....not really liked it!  You may drive me crazy some days but when your gone I miss the dickens out of you! You are just growing up right before my eyes. It's amazing to see you do so many new and exciting things but it's hard to step back and watch you first baby grow up! I love you because you are precious inside and out; because you are so shy but yet so outspoken; and because you are so very considerate of others, but mostly because you are MINE! 
 I think you have grown SEVERAL inches this summer!

 The last two weeks you have decided you like bows again. IDK where that came from but I will take it and run with it!!!!

 Such a pretty smile!

 look out EIGHT......she's coming for you!

 August 7th was your last day at Ms. Maes! It was such a sad day for me and I tried hard to not cry......but I couldn't hold those tears back! Ms Mae got you the sweetest little card and some fun little gifts!
 and that same got your letter telling who your 2nd Grade teacher is! You were so excited; you said she was the best dressed teacher in the whole school.  CRACKED me up silly girl!
 Two weeks ago we loaded up and headed to Hope for the watermelon 5k and kids 1 mile run!
 It was HOT out there! But you gave it all you had and smoked that race! You where the first girl across the line!!! Aunt Paige snapped this picture for me and it's AWESOME! You have such a pretty runners stride! I hope you always love running MC!
 Showing off your shiny medal!!!!
 My sweet, sweaty girls!
 Your whole competitive gymnastics team had a lock in last week! Yall stayed up till 3:30am.  You were sooooooo tired when I picked you up! I asked if you missed me and you said yeah kinda.  I said why didnt' you call me and you said..... it was only a second that I missed ya mom. Uhhhh dagger to the heart I tell ya!
 You have made the sweetest friend, Gracie! You just love and adore her to pieces; you talk about her all the time!
And of course we had your yearly allergy test last week and GREAT NEWS......... no new allergies and you reacted less to several! Dr Lou said you allergy shots are really helping and she is hoping after she ups the dose one more time that this will be your last year of shots!!!!!!!!!! That tickled you and me both!!!