Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Clark County Fair Pageant

Well It's that time of year again...........FAIR TIME!!! And of course when the fair comes to town so does the Fair Queen Pageant! And of course both my girls wanted to do it!

Our pretty little girls! And my how they enjoy getting to get their hair and makeup done and put on a gorgeous dress and I can't say I blame's every little girls dream to be a princesses!
This girl can be sooo shy it just amazes me that she wants to do the pagenet! She is so brave and I could not be more proud of her!

Just so stinking cute it melts my heart!
And little sister was finally old enough this year to compete and she was BESIDE herself with excitement!

Goodness yall look so grown up!

Oh the Peace sign
You did a great job picking out your dress Kinley Bugs!
And I was so against a red dress but she insisted and she could not have been more right; it was perfect! 

OH MY...............LOL

and back to the peace sign

Oh the peace sign and the tongue sticking out...great job Kin!
And she chills out and MC has to have a turn acting silly and pulls the bunny ears!
YAY Finally a decent one!

Brother looks really happy about being at a pageant,lol!

Kinley coming on stage
She walked on there liked she owned the place; it was quite humorous!

And then it was MC's turn and she did such a great job; she improved sooo much from last year!

Pictures with our favorite girl during intermission!

IDK what MC was doing but this cracks me up!

Greer and Kinley!

Our sweetest, bestest great aunt ever!

And brother hung our with his Tay Tay and did what he does,lol!

Nana and Papaw with their girls!

I mean how sweet! GOODNESS
Pics with Aunt Ashley

and of course with their favorite girl ever, Andrea!
Time for awards..................
OMG Kinley WON!!!!!! I can't not tell you have excited she was; I was running to get a close up so excuse the blurry pic!

She looked up and I had made it to the front row. That smile was amazing! Such excitement!

Here she is.......2015 Clark County Little Miss! Congrats my sweet girl!
Daddy and his queen!
And of course a pic with Tay Tay....the best hair dress, makeup artist and friend EVER!
Yep; she was up at 7am Sunday ready to put that big ole crown back on!

Micah Claire did not place and it was hard to see her down. And I can only imagine how hard it was for her to see and hear all the people congratulate Kinley. It took a few hours to process it all and come around and that was hard to watch! I felt like I was caught in between and rock and hard spot. I did NOT want to take away from Kinley's joy and excitement but I wanted to comfort MC too. MC had questions like...why did that girl win....she didn't' really answer her question. If I was a judge I would have picked so and so over her. As a mom this is why I HATE pageants. Three people get to decided who wins out of 15 girls. I sat down with her and we talked about everything.  She said when it was all over and done she walked outside and a certain someone had a pouty lip expression on her face and that really upset her!!! She wanted to know why that person would do that; she assumed that person did it because they were sad AT HER because she didn't' win. I told her that is not what it meant. I am sure that person felt sad FOR her; not upset at her. Then we discussed the actual pageant some more ........ who walked the best, who had the best dress, who answered the question the best and really worked through the process and I think it helped her quite a bit. She told me she wanted to do it again next year and I was proud to hear her say that.
I am 35 years old and you could not pay me to walk out on that stage and be judged with 14 other beautiful girls so I am proud of her for doing it twice and wanting to do it again next year. Mommy and Daddy are more proud of you than you will ever know Micah Claire!