Thursday, September 10, 2015

Creed: 43 and 44 weeks old

8-23-15: 43 weeks old: I mean can I please slow down time! Daddy bought you a walked this week and you LOVED it and took to it so quickly!

You have finally adjusted to being in your bed .....and by YOU I really mean ME! You haven't even really noticed you are not in my room anymore! You sleep from 9pm to 6or 7 am like a log!
Love seeing this face every morning!
I was trying to take your sisters pictures outside and you were not gonna let me get away with that......
so hear ya go silly goose!
Your first REAL Spaghetti!!!!!
Yup you LOVED it.....just like every other food you've ever tried,lol!
Thursday when I pulled up to daycare you threw up .....then again......and again. and again!
Even sick as a dog you were happy as can be!
We went through all your blankets so I had to get an old one of MC's and it just stunned me how much you look like her! PRECIOUS!
And you love your "extra sister" Sadie! And boy oh boy does she love you!
8-30-15: 44 weeks old!

Oh how I love that big ole belly poking out!

My sweet, sweet boy you are just the best ever! We love you so much!