Thursday, September 10, 2015

Creed: 45 weeks

9-6-15: 45 weeks old! You are such a ham these days and I LOVE it! You have turned into a climber and we have to watch you like a hawk! 
 You think it's so funny when I say.No sir! And of course that sweet smile gets you out of trouble everytime!
 What better way to mark turning 45 weeks old than 4 days of camping! This picture just stopped me in my tracks when it uploaded! You have this man totally wrapped about your finger!
He just thought he was meant to be a girl dad.........but buddy he was wrong! 

 PURE LOVE........cant be beat!
 My silly boys

 chewing on daddy's Mt Dew bottle trying so hard to get this new tooth in!
 Rocking daddy's hat!

 And you only 45 weeks old..... made it out to the pole all by yourself,lol!
 Kinley was so excited to do the same!
 And the water was soooooo low both the girls could touch where the booies where! They thought they were super special for being able to do that!

 TUBING TIME!!!!! We had a blast. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!

 You hate your life jacket and fight it and try to get it off the entire time.........
Until daddy startst to drive and OUT like a light you go! Snoring and all!