Wednesday, October 28, 2015

51 weeks

10-25-15 Fifty One Weeks Old..... Well sweet boy less than a week and you will be ONE! You are growing and changing like crazy these days. You are walking and talking like nobody s business! 
 Love this big ole smile to pieces!

 Checking out our scarecrow!

 IDK why I try to get a family picture because you will do anything but look at the camera,lol!
 clapping for sissy!
 still clapping!

 Then ya start dancing and crack your sisters up!

 well they may not be perfect but they still make my heart full of happiness!
 And Sunday we took the bottle away! You did great!
 And you got your first taste of whole milk and you loved it!
 oh and guess are cutting your 12 month molars...........which is
 really super fun..........NOT!
 Its not like you to be so fussy so it really breaks my heart to see you hurt!
 You have had three trims but this was your first full out haircut!!!
 complete with a sucker and all!

 OMG look at my handsome little fella!

 You are all boy; you love to ripe everything out of the cabinets and climb in
 you were so proud of yourself that it tickled me!
 I mean you could NOT get any cuter!

 Wish I could wall paper this all over my house! You are just too cute!
We tried to all hold hands and get a sweet picture.........but you bit Kinley's hand..... the wind kicked started raining and you did not want MC holding this was the one and only picutre I got.......BOO!