Friday, October 2, 2015

CREED: 47 and 48 weeks

9-20-15: 47 weeks old! Our lives have been SUPER busy these last few weeks; but thank the Lord you are such a cool, go with the flow little dude! You handle everything with ease, unless you are hungry are tired! You are saying Nana and bye bye like crazy these days! This last week you just stopped even taking any steps and went back to crawling everywhere. You got one new bottom tooth this week!
 47 week old..........goodness gracious time has just flown bye!

 Such a happy baby!

 You are loving the trampoline these days!

 And bath time is still a blast!
 You have outgrown your pjs so we had to get you some news ones. Your sisters had a blast picking a few pair out!
 Count Fair time! You loved the nosie, the people, and the rides!
 This just melts me! You two boys are just two cute together!
 Of course we had to take a picture with this bottle and send it to Uncle Eric!
 9-27-15: 48 weeks old! GOODNESS........11 months will rolling around this week! WOW just doesn't' seem possible!
And bless your sweet heart you had to spend your 48 week mark at sisters pageant practice. But you loved flirting with all the pretty girls there,lol!