Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Creed: FIFTY weeks and he's learned the "B" word!

Creed Brentley Cowart I can NOT believe I just typed the words......FIFTY WEEKS OLD! OMG We are only two weeks away from your first birthday! I mean.... I know I say this all the time......but time is just flying right bye! You are suppose to still be my little tiny baby boy who loves to be swaddled and coos all the time. But those days are gone and you are everywhere! You are no longer crawling; you can walk all the way across the house without falling and you are climbing like CRAZY! You LOVE to find an open potty and stick your hands in there and play splish splash. You just thinks its so cool but dear lordy it's just nasty son! You are talking like crazy these days. You now can say night night, cat, loon for balloon, eat and bite bite.  Typically when it's time to feed you......I will ask....Creed do you want to nurse. You start signing the gesture for yes and you get so excited! WELL....... leave it to your daddy to change that sweet routine! IDK how it happened but your daddy snuck off and taught you the word BOOB! So now when you are hungry you start hollering BOOB! OMG I wish someone would have had a video camera on my face the first time I realized what you were saying.  Your daddy was in the next room and I heard him BUST out laughing.  He was laughing sooooo hard he could not even try to explain himself.............NOT that it could EVEN KINDA be explained to this momma! And it now is a joke in our house and every time you holler BOOB daddy and your sisters just bust out laughing and that makes you laugh and clap! My poor sweet boy they have so corrupted you,lol! Welcome to the world of boobs little man! 

 50 weeks old and so full of energy!

 watching your sissys like a hawk! Just so precious how much yall all love each other!

 Hey mom this thing is scaring me.........

 Oh never mind.......
 Its just a silly pumpkin face!
I am so excited and ready for your first real Halloween!
 Well its time for birthday pictures so that means hair cut time! YEP this is your third one! Your hair grows like CRAZY! And I let both your sisters have a sucker at their first haircuts so I had to let you have one to!
 It was LOVE at first bite!

 You were given Taylor fits when she interfered with you eating your sucker,lol!

 Oh look at you my handsome boy! TOO TOO CUTE!!!

Mrs. Randi surprised us and had your 1st birthday shirt ready early! I cried like a big ole baby when I pulled it out of the bag! ONE......that just doesn't seem possible!
 We spent yesterday afternoon/night with Ms. Jenna taking your pictures! I can not wait to see them! You did AWESOME and enjoyed every minute of it! But at HOLLERED out BOOB!!!! Jenna looked at me and said......ummmmmmm did he just say BOOB? With my BRIGHT RED FACE I had to explain to her that yes he said BOOB and that we needed a 15 minute break. Thank you again Daddy for teaching my son that sweet word!
 We had our BOOB break and a few puffs and then it was time...............
 OMG look at smash cake!!!!
 I don't think she got one picture of you standing by the cake because the second I set you down you went straight for it!!!
 OMG my little smurf baby!
 And you were so kind to even want to share some with mommy!

You climb non stop these days. Climb up chairs, climb up step stools, climb up into the fridge. 
climb into the dryer. CLIMB CLIMB CLIMB!

I was doing laundry Sunday morning and I heard the girls giggling uncontrollably..... which should have been a dead give away they were up to no good.................... and of course I was right! The squealed MOMMY Creeda's back!!!! My sweet Creed................ I assumed you would be girl #3 BUT you turned out to be my #1 BOY!