Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Micah Claire: October

Micah Claire: I wish I could slow down time and keep ya little forever. But you are so against that idea. I was taking these pictures and you said........Mom am I 8 1/2 yet? I mean REALLY MC; your 8th birthday was just FOUR weeks ago! Uhhhh why such the rush!?!? 
It's like you have come alive or should I saw aware of fashion and accessorizing yourself. You all of a sudden care about what your going to wear, the shoes that match it perfectly (or so you think), how you will wear your hair, what you will  wear in your hair, if ya need a necklace on, or different earrings, and Oh My you love lip gloss more than ever! I have to constantly remind you EVERYDAY that when you wake up in the mornings your priorities are making your bed, getting dressed, picking up your room, eating, taking your allergy meds, and brushing your teeth. NOT primping in front of the mirror for twenty minutes! OMG I can't even imagine what your teenage years are going to be like,lol! You are making crazy strides in gymnastics! Your first gymnastics meet is just a few weeks away and I am sooooo ready to see you perform! You have developed some serious muscles since starting the gymnastics team and you LOVE to show off your 
"big ole guns," as you call them! 
You are still my little assistant! If Creed wakes up before I get home from the gym you go and get him out of his bed and rock him back to sleep or hold him till I get home. And when he sees you he squeals MOMMA and your whole entire face just lights up! It's silly but so dang precious! I told you the other day ...... you know how much you love him, what all you do for him to make him happy, and how you feel when she smiles at you and calls 
you momma..........well that's how the man you marry should make you feel! I truly hope you remember that Micah Claire! 

 You are still super shy around most people......but you are starting to come out of your shell and share your sillness with other and I love it! You had a blast riding in the fair parade with Abigail all by yourself. A year ago you would have never done that; you would have cried till I got in the car with ya!

 There are a few older girls who you love and adore! They are the sweetest girls ever and I hope they realize you watch everything they do and copy it!

One of these days.......  you will be the older girl that little girls want to hang around. I pray you are a wonderful example for those girls too! Love you MCC!