Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015:

October 31st, 2015: Creeds First Halloween! I remember this time last year I started having contractions and some other fun labor issues and I started panicking! I did NOT want a Halloween baby at all! Well I held on for two days and did NOT have a Halloween baby! So here we are celebrating Creed's first Halloween! 

LOVE these crazy kids!

My Anna looking so grown up!
Cutie pie!

And my Goddess looking half grown!

So sweet!
It seems like just yesterday it was your first Halloween and we were cramming you into that money suite!

My sweet girls!
Me and my precious pirate!
Daddy trying hard to hold down brothers hand so he wouldn't' ripe his hat off,lol!
hat on .....sat him down...took two steps and off it went! UHHHH
What a crew!
Happy First Halloween Creed Brentley!

looking anywhere but at mommy!

and he found his pumpkin......
and off he went!

Oh hey mom!

Let me taste this .......oh yum!
Busy body.....can't sit still for anything!!!
Me and my crew!
daddy and all his loves!
Our 2nd stop was My great aunt Wanda's house! It such a blessing she is still here with us! Every year I worry it maybe our last one with her!
A few more stops and then it's time to stop by Papaws!
I remember last year as I was taking their picture...Ms. Debbie said this time next year Creed will be here and here is he!!!! Such a great addition!
Then it was last stop at nana's for dinner and treats! They look exhausted,lol!

Creed giving Nana some sweet sugar!
Poppa and his crew!