Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy First Birthday Creed!

November 2nd 2015: Creed you are officially ONE years old! WOW it seems like just a few days I ago I woke to some really strong contractions. I remember telling daddy.....I can't go teach Sunday school today. Then 20 minuets later I said....I can't do this anymore we gotta go! And off we went to the hospital! After 2 hours of observation they were gonna let us go since I had a c-section schedule the next day. Dr. Henson said......... well lets just wait till tomorrow when your doctor is here. I said FINE but are you gonna give me to stop this pain. He bent down and grabbed the print out of the contractions and said....change of plans we are having a baby now. We will get the OR prepped and he will be here within the hour! And within the hour you where here! You added so much instant joy to our lives and our family. The last 365 have been so fun! Our family is blessed beyond measure to have you in it sweet boy!
You are in size 4 diapers; you weight 23#2oz and are 29 inches long. You wear size 9-12 month pants and 18 months to 2T in tops. You were a size 4 shoe. You sleep from 8:30pm to 6;30am. You eat everything and anything that doesn't eat you,lol! You are off the bottle, you still nurse 2-3 times a day and you are not really sure about the whole milk thing. You have fallen madly in LOVE with your passy these last few months. You can say mommy, daddy, nana, bye bye, boppa (for poppa), bapaw (for papaw), bite bite, night night, bottle, book, bru (for our dog bruce), that, Deck (for your daycare buddy Decker), 
 We all came into your room singing Happy Birthday and you looked at us like we where crazy,lol!

 You are ONE!
 All my sweet babies!

 Trying to eat your letters,lo!
 apparently you thought our picture props were toys!

 You do this all the time now and it cracks me!
 OMG I mean can ya get any cuter.......NO you can't!!!
 and your gone!
 My sweet blued baby boy; I could just eat you up!
 Oh my heavens......just precious!
 Such a sweet smile.....just melts me!
 And back to playing with my props,lol!

 blowing mommy sweet kisses!
 yep......there they go again.......uhhh
 and ya found your favorite pumpkin!

 you had a blast cracking yourself up!
 My little giggle box!

 and down goes the letter again
 when I busted out laughing so did you!
 oh such joy!
 My little laughter; you just make my heart do double back flips!
 about to be up to no good.....
 let me grab it..........
 me try to eat it.........
and then rolling laughter again!
Happy Birthday Creed Brentley. Thank you for letting us be your parents! I can't wait to see what this next year will bring!