Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Kinley: November

November: 5 years and 1 month old. And you just asked me the other much longer till Im 6? I mean really you silly girl! Slow down and enjoy this time my sweet girl! You are writing like crazy these days and trying hard to read. You keep telling me over and over again that you are so ready for Kindergarten because you can already tie your shoe. You crack me up girl! You mind is always running....just like your mouth! If you think it you say it.......which is great and NOT so great sometimes! Your melt downs got to the point where I had to start disciplining you. The second you started to have a melt down I took 10 minutes off your bed time. Luckily it didn't take long for you to see the light. Over the last 2 or 3 weeks you have only had two melt down! Praise the Lord!!! You learned how to do a back bend from standing position this month and it just tickled you pink! Your coach asked for you to move up to the little pre-team but daddy and I decided we will wait till next year to make that move! You are loving your hip hop dance class and have been showing up some of the moves you will be doing at your end of the year recital! You have a wiggly tooth and you are super ready for it to fall out and the tooth fairy to come again! You always remind me we need to stop and pray for certain people and that just melts me and makes me so proud Kinley. You have have a true heart of gold! 
 I am telling are in a huge growth spurt! You are getting so dang tall!

 wanting to pose in the swing just like your big sister....... but it scares you to death!

 You got these boots like 3 weeks ago and I htink you have worn them EVERYDAY since!

 Just sad how grown up you look........not much of a baby look left KB!

 You got to attend the Badger cheer camp without your sister and OMG did you think you had hit the lottery! You grinned for days before and days after!
 Due to lots of rain they had to reschedule the performance a few times but yall finally got to do it last week and you did awesome!
 Friday was your school Halloween party! Your last one at Fun time...OMG that's so sad!
 Oh the yummy treats!
 And our super star Papaw came and celebrated with you because I had to work! You sure are one lucky girl to have such caring grandparents!
 The whole "pre-k" crew.  Your school is not a pre-k but you INSIST we call it that and it just tickles me to no need!
 Silly girls!
I just can't get over how grown up these three look. Just doesn't seem real!
I was off yesterday for Creed's birthday so I actually got to come watch you do some gymnastics! You did awesome!
Only 11 months till 6 Kinley Beth! Hope you can wait that long,lol!