Thursday, December 3, 2015

CREED: Thirteen Months Old

12-2-15: I can't believe you turned ONE a whole month ago. YIKES ...Times please slow down for this momma! You are heck on wheels these days. You are into every cabinet in our house. And if someone opens the refrigerator you will come running and start tearing into the crisper drawers! You are learning new words like crazy! You say night night, hat, hot, thank you, please, zizzy for sissy, and dink for drink! We stopped nursing almost 2 weeks ago and you have done so good. I was really afraid you would cry and want to nurse but you only had a melt down one time and it was over super quick! You moved up to 12 month pants this month and size 18 month or 2t in shirts;you still wear a size 4 diaper. You had your first taste of fudge last week at Thanksgiving and OMG you LOVED it.......and I mean how could you not! You are just precious to us all sweet boy!
 trying so hard to get outside
Oh my happy boy!

 Just so stinking cute!

 21 days till Christmas!

I am betting you and Santa don't mix to well this year
 when we go for pictures!

And coming for mommy's camera!
My little climbing fool!
But with that smile..........I just can't really get on to you!
Mt Dew and Fiber bars are your go to when the fridge is opened!
Aunt Paige and Uncle Jody got you this book for you birthday and you LOVE it! You say BOOK, go get it, hand to someone and sit in their lap while the read it to you. I bet we do this 20 times a night.....over and over and over again!
And who needs toys when you have a fun empty box to play in with you zizzy!
LOVING these new camo pj's and that sweet, round belly!
You get so happy to go bye bye and sit in your new car seat. You just uhhh and ohh over everything that we pass bye!
You just look so grown up
And last week you made your first trip to firehouse and got your own firehat!
I mean could ya get any cuter...............NOPE ya couldn't!!!
And you are still obsessed with balloons and we have them everywhere in our house!

you are the world's best eater I tell ya!
And I take it has a HUGE compliment that you even lick your plates,lol!
We take you the first part of church service because you love to sing and dance and clap. But last week you well smooth asleep when we got up there! I mean.........that belly......I could just eat you up sweet boy!
And of course you woke 10 minutes before church was over so we had to step out and play while they finished up service. I lost track of how many times you climbed up these steps. Mommy got a good work out for sure!
Ms. Jenna sent us a few proofs of your birthday smash cake and they are just wonderful!
Oh that sweet blue icing face!
My happy boy!
And oh my stars you are a blanket baby I tell ya. If you get tired you go and find your blanket and wrapped yourself up in it.
And bath time is oh so fun with these crazy zizzys! You all make my heart and life so complete!