Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Happy Turkey Day!

I love Thanksgiving because it means Christmas is ohhhh sooo close and the food and desserts are ohhhhh sooo yummy!  

 My littlest little Turkey! I can't believe this time last year you were only 3 weeks old!
Oh the middle Turkey.....sassy and sweet!
And the oldest Turkey! The wise one with the sensitive soul!
 And of course I attempted to get a picture of all three turkeys and it went hill down FAST!

 littlest turkey is so easily distracted

 and doesn't want to sit still for anything!
 Okay lets move to the steps and see if we can get him to sit.

 okay MC hold him and see if he will give us that sweet smile.........
 Nope.....he will just bit sensitive turkey!
 And he's off
 okay, break for  a few mintues and try again
now littlest turkey is really pissy, and the other two are tickled to death!
 Im sure people driving by and my husband inside ...........who hear me singing, dancing, hollering, jumping up and down all to get this littlest turkey to smile just ONE time....... get a big kick out of this event!

 alllllrighty....lets try the chair.........Oh yay he sat still and kinda smiled!
 and he was
 gone and then he was.......
 backwards.........isn't that just cute! NOT!
 okay try and hold him........nope
 then he resorted to hair pulling
 and then total meltdown city!
 So littlest turkey was left alone and he found his littlest pumpkin and had a great time

 and I even got this sweet smile after all those attempts!

 Then it was time to eat! We met all the Cowarts at the lodge and had a great time!

 and brother was not having it.....he had to be on the move.
 So I just stuck to taking pictures of these pretty and cooperative girls!

 After lunch it was time to make ginger bread houses, jump on the trampoline and even shoot some hoops!
 Creed got his first slam dunk ...........all thanks to uncle Brian!
 As soon as the house cleared was DOWN with the fall decorations and time to get Jolly!

 Our tree is not fancy but they love it! It amazes me how it captures their attention and just leaves them in awe! I pray they know that Jesus is the true light of the world. A light that no tree could ever match!
I have no idea what I did to deserve to be the mommy of these three, but I am ever so grateful I was chosen as just that!