Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Kinley: December

Kinley Elizabeth Cowart, there are so many words I could you to describe you but they all boil down to you being you! You are independent, you do and say what you want, you are not bothered by what others think or say, you march to your own beat my sweet girl and I LOVE that about you! You have grown up so much this year. You are tying your shoe, trying to read, refusing to take afternoon naps, demanding to have a say in what you wear and you want NOTHING in your hair! "I just want it straight momma!" I bet I hear that a million times a week now! You told me yesterday you were ready for Spring break. I asked why and you said because then come summer and then it will be time for Kindergarten! Uhhh sweet girl I wish you were not in such a hurry to grow up. You have asked Santa for a desk, so you have you very own place to do your kindergarten homework, and a blue fish you want to name violet. 
62 months old!

Youre heart is as big as your smile sweet girl!
Last week you lost your 2nd tooth! You pulled it all by yourself and you were so stinking proud of yourself for doing it!

You had Claire right the tooth fairy a letter and it was so sweet! Then you drew a picture of your tooth on the bag you put your tooth in .........just in case the tooth fairy needed help finding it!

You got a green $5 bill with pink polk-a-dots and a bag of skittle! You said you saw the tooth fariy who had yellow hair, pink wings, and a blue tutu. You said she stayed and yall talked all night about how this was your sweet tooth that you lost but its okay because it will come back very soon!
Last daycare pictures! Next year it will be kindergarten pictures! OMG that's crazy to even think that!

YEP Straight hair momma! NO bow, NO headband, No bobby pin, NO curls JUST STRAIGHT!
You are such the gymnast these days! I bet you do 50 handstands a day in our house!


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