Monday, December 7, 2015

Micah Claire: December

Happy December Post Micah Claire! Right now you are laying in my room watching tv. You were up at 2am puking your toenails up! I hate when you are sick, it just kills me. You look so small and weak that it makes my heart weep! I can remember when you got the tummy bug for the first time at 18 months old. You wanted to be held the whole time. I got puked on so many times I lost count. Last night you got sick in your own bathroom and then came to tell me you did and wanted me to know you were gonna sleep in the bathroom. All you wanted to know was what blanket you could take in there with you. I got up to help you and you said, no mommy I can do it. NO ma'am, you are eight and I am your mommy. It's my job sweet girl! 
We got your 2nd nine weeks mid point grades and you have all A's! We are so proud of how hard you have worked this year; especially in math! You have decided to run the Little Rock Kids Marathon this spring and I am super excited! You start your training runs tomorrow.........if you are feeling better! Friday night you got to go to a sleepover! You called me twice that night to let me know you missed me but that you where having a great time! You stayed all night and had a blast! 

CB loves and adores you! It's just precious to watch you two together!
You had your first competitive gymnastics meet three weeks ago! I think I was as nervous as you were! It was a long drive to cabot and a super long meet! But, you did great!!!
1st on floor!
2nd on beam!

2nd on bars!!

3rd on Vault!

And 2nd OVERALL!!!
That smile made the whole day worth it!

My little gymnast! Love you bunches and bunches MC!