Monday, January 4, 2016

Micah Claire: January

January 4th, 2016: MC you  had a wonderful Christmas break! We danced, we stayed up late, we played new board games, new video games, we made cookies, we ate cookies and lots of other junk, we ran, we shopped, we did it all sweet girl! You are my extra right hand at all times, I can count on you to help me anytime or any reason! 

My sweet girl! UHHH...Could you look any older?!?!

Such a sweet little face!

You have joined the running club at your school and you complete 25.2 miles before March and then run your last marathon mile at the Little Rock Marathon. With 2 weeks off we had to do lots of runs to keep your miles up. I LOVED every cold minute of our runs! You are getting better and better!
Last year your where running 12-13 minute miles and now you are down to 10 minute miles, so impressive MC!
You LOVE to stop and take pictures during our run and it cracks me up! 
Yesterday you did your last 1.5 miles with your buddy KJ! You guys ran like the wind and giggled like the whole time! Just PRECIOUS!
I bought dad the old Mario Brothers video game for Christmas and OMG did you fall head over heels in love with it! You have never played a video game before and you where so impressed it. I didn't have the heart to even tell ya what modern day games look like and can do,lol!
And we had fun using your new pedicure set!
And of course you went straight for the basket ball machine at Chuck E Cheese's! You did great! I sure hope their is a future for you on the court!

 You had your 2nd gymnastic meet this month! It was a HUGE meet! I mean teams from Tennessee and Louisiana and Arkansas!
 I LOVE that you LOVE gymnastics!
 It was a very tough meet but I think you needed it! The first meet was small and you dominated which kinda gave ya big head but this meet helped ya see you are good but not the best and you still have room to improve. You did take 2nd place on floor which was fantastic!
 5th place overall! Great job MC!

Nana even made it to this meet! She was a nervous wreck the whole time; it took me back to the days when I would compete and she would be in a tizzy the whole meet. Silly Nana, we love you!
Oh my heart just about couldn't take it when I got out of the shower one morning and found this! You are such a great big sister! You put Creed to sleep three times over our break and each time you where sooooo  proud of yourself! I love watching you fall so in love with him!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Creed: 14 Months Old

January 2nd, 2016: Holy Cow you are 14 months old already. You are talking up a storm these days. Your new words are bubbles, Amy, baby, Nick Nick, cheese,What's that, uh huh, football, slide, and you learned to shake your head No these days. Your top 12 month molars have come in and all four of you incisors are swollen and look like they could pop open any day now. 
 Sweet, sweet, boy!

 You lust look so grown up!

 What's that.........
 Oh what's that......
 Oh Hey mommy!
 Okay let me try this position......
 and this position......
 Okay I will sit for one second mommy

 Love your sweet toothy smile CB!
 You are starting to become very independent these days. You love to walk into school all by yourself!
 You where so proud of yourself when you made it all the way to your room!

 Last weekend you attended your first wedding!
And had your first steps on the U of A campus! You where not a fan of the reception so you and I had a blast playing "wreck the tractor" in the hotel room. The harder we crashed the tractor the harder you  laughed! You are such a boy and I LOVE that!
 You are head over heels in love with Cheese these days!

My little helper!

 I was washing the crock pot out and your where so tickled that you got yourself into the holder!
 And my oh my are you a daddy's boy! My heavens it's almost ridiculous and hurts my feelings that you love him so much,lol!
 New Years Eve you made your 2nd trip to Chuck E Cheese's. Last time you where only three weeks old but this time you where large and in charge and ready to have fun! So fun we had!
 You rode rides and tried your hardest to play the big kids game!
Last Wednesday we went to a going away party at my office and you stole the spot light blowing all kinds of sweet kisses!

January: Kinley

01-01-16: Happy New Year Kinley Bugs! You are 5 years 3 months old! You are full of spunk, silliness, and lots of hot air,lol! There is NEVER a dull moment with you around! When you open your mouth I laugh and cringe at the same time because I never know what's about to come out! You are still sooo ready for kindergarten! You want to do everything Micah Claire does. You are doing great in dance and gymnastics. You are growing like a weed! I bet you have grown an inch since your birthday and that was only a month ago! 

 You named your new blue fish, Blue Fish. I mean how long and hard did ya think over that name,lol!
 Santa left you directions on how to take care of your fish and one rule is to only feed him every three days. It kills you to wait three long days to feed him.
 Last weekend you made your first trip to Fayetteville, Arkansas for Nick Nick's wedding! You where so excited to wear your new red dress and the fancy necklace that came with it!
 You had a blast dancing the night away and wrestling with Cooper!
 Sister is doing the Little Rockers Marathon and you decided to join us for a 1.5 mile run. You started out so excited but........
 at 1/2 a milk you where ready to throw in the towel,lol!
 We spent New Years Eve day at Chuck E Cheese's and you had soooo much fun! You where so full of excitement, you where almost bouncing off the walls!