Friday, January 1, 2016


Christmas Morning! Santa left a note answering answering MC's question. It's a good thing Santa came and went early because the girls were up at 3:27am! I could NOT believe they were up that early! MC says they were up at 2:15 and went thru all their stuff and then woke us up.  So we made them lay in bed with us till 6:30.  And finally at 6:30 we got up with them to see all their great presents! 

 Little brother finally woke up at 7:30am and got in on the action!
 He was in heaven when he saw three balls to play with......he was oblivious to the slide!

 KB was over the moon to get the desk and blue fish she asked for!

 And big sister was pumped to get her pink karaoke machine!
 Brother even loved sisters desk with all the doors and hiding spots for his balls!
 her VERY own Pedicure set lucky is she!
 And I guess Santa heard these  girls have fallen in love with Fanta and got them a huge glass bottle of Fanta!
 Cracks me up they get so excited over a soda!
 And little man dove right into his stocking which had an Elmo car and
 new sippy cups!
 And a present from mommy and daddy..........
 A riding train!!!

 Such a sweet, excited smile!
 KB thought she got new running shoes.........
 but it was a box full of her own desk supplies! Scissors, tape, stapler, pencils, pens, markers, pencil sharpener and she was in heaven!!!
 and MC got all new running gear and was pumped!!


 And new books too!