Sunday, January 3, 2016

Creed: 14 Months Old

January 2nd, 2016: Holy Cow you are 14 months old already. You are talking up a storm these days. Your new words are bubbles, Amy, baby, Nick Nick, cheese,What's that, uh huh, football, slide, and you learned to shake your head No these days. Your top 12 month molars have come in and all four of you incisors are swollen and look like they could pop open any day now. 
 Sweet, sweet, boy!

 You lust look so grown up!

 What's that.........
 Oh what's that......
 Oh Hey mommy!
 Okay let me try this position......
 and this position......
 Okay I will sit for one second mommy

 Love your sweet toothy smile CB!
 You are starting to become very independent these days. You love to walk into school all by yourself!
 You where so proud of yourself when you made it all the way to your room!

 Last weekend you attended your first wedding!
And had your first steps on the U of A campus! You where not a fan of the reception so you and I had a blast playing "wreck the tractor" in the hotel room. The harder we crashed the tractor the harder you  laughed! You are such a boy and I LOVE that!
 You are head over heels in love with Cheese these days!

My little helper!

 I was washing the crock pot out and your where so tickled that you got yourself into the holder!
 And my oh my are you a daddy's boy! My heavens it's almost ridiculous and hurts my feelings that you love him so much,lol!
 New Years Eve you made your 2nd trip to Chuck E Cheese's. Last time you where only three weeks old but this time you where large and in charge and ready to have fun! So fun we had!
 You rode rides and tried your hardest to play the big kids game!
Last Wednesday we went to a going away party at my office and you stole the spot light blowing all kinds of sweet kisses!