Friday, February 5, 2016

Creed: 15 months old

February 2nd 2016: FIFTEEN MONTHS OLD! Again, I am just shocked that another month has flown right by us! And you are GROWING! You moved up to a size 5 diaper, size 6 shoe and are in 2T clothes now. You are a climber these days! I can't turn my back for one second because you will try to scale anything that is near you! You still sign like crazy and are talking like nobody's business. There is pretty much nothing you wont try to say; and most the time you almost say it correctly. You love school and your buddys Decker and Jake! This week we really put the brakes to the passy use! You ONLY get it at nap and bed time. You are so smart and silly that out of now where you will say night night....pass.  Which means Im faking tired to get it. I say Creeeeeeeeed and you bust out laughing or crying.  You are still a big eater! You LOVE cheese and ask for it a hundred times a day. You love "bubbles" which is what you call ginger ale or your flavored water! You have not bit anyone this month at school and that is FANTASTIC! But you still love to pull Kinley's hair. 
 I mean goodness gracious could you look any sweeter!
 Oh my handsome boy!
 I covet your sweet kisses; they are precious!

 could you look any bigger son! Goodness slow down time!

 yep.....that look right there.....................
 it says yeah Im cute........but yeah Im a little devil too!
 Just can't sit still!
 You finally have all six shiny white teeth in! That along with, I guess some outdoor allergies, has kicked your tail this month! We started doing Claritin in the mornings and it has helped sooooo much!
 Saturday felt like spring so we loaded up and hit the golf course with Uncle Eric and his boys. It was your first trip to the range and you loved every second of it!

 Trying to give Parker some big hugs but he is leary of you,lol!

 chilling on the back of golf chart.....too cute!

 You could have cared less about the would take the kids clubs
or balls or both,lol!
 My little personal assistant rounding you boys up to head home!

Sunday was just as AWESOME! It was almost 80 degrees......yep 80 in January........... so we stayed out side all weekend!
 You where on the go............
 Non stop....... up and down the drive way! You no longer liked to be pulled, you have to do it all yourself! So independent I tell ya!

 Thursday when I got home from the gym this is what I found! My cute boys all sacked out; both snoring very loudly!
 and brushing your teeth is your new favorite hobby!
 while the sisters do gymnastics on wednesdays, we get to play in the back room.
 and we have a blast!
 You to have toooo much energy for this old mommy!
 you learned to do a forward roll this week and you flipped over and over and over!
 I LOVE this spider man shirt daddy got you! Never thought I would get to enjoy boy stuff, it's just too fun!
And you are a master at jumping on the trampoline!

Kinley: February

5 years 4 months old! When we where taking picture you said how long till my birthday mom. I sarcastically said....only 8 months Kin! And you squealed with excitement and said only EIGHT months, that's great! You crack me up sweet girl! 
You want nothing more than to grow up and be a big girl! 
 You are growing like a weed!

  My sweet girl! You are just too cute!

 Last weekend you went to a drill team camp for a day. Then this past week you got to perform at halftime of a basketball game. You got so nervous.....which is soooo not like you!
 but that nervousness quickly faded.............
 and you had a blast dancing...........
 and dancing!
 You want to be MC so bad, you want to be able to do everything she does. She has decided to be your private gymnastics of charge she says,lol!
 We have had some 75-80 degree weekends so she has had you outside learning some serious bar skills on the swing set!
 You have learned half of your hip hop dance routine and are so ready to wear your costume and makeup and dance on that stage this summer!
 And Oh My Heavens, you have turned into the fashion queen..........and I soooo use the term fashion loosely! I swear the wilder and crazier something is the more you love it.
You are writing like crazy these days! You are so ready for kindergarten but IDK if kindergarten is ready for you?!?!?