Friday, February 5, 2016

Kinley: February

5 years 4 months old! When we where taking picture you said how long till my birthday mom. I sarcastically said....only 8 months Kin! And you squealed with excitement and said only EIGHT months, that's great! You crack me up sweet girl! 
You want nothing more than to grow up and be a big girl! 
 You are growing like a weed!

  My sweet girl! You are just too cute!

 Last weekend you went to a drill team camp for a day. Then this past week you got to perform at halftime of a basketball game. You got so nervous.....which is soooo not like you!
 but that nervousness quickly faded.............
 and you had a blast dancing...........
 and dancing!
 You want to be MC so bad, you want to be able to do everything she does. She has decided to be your private gymnastics of charge she says,lol!
 We have had some 75-80 degree weekends so she has had you outside learning some serious bar skills on the swing set!
 You have learned half of your hip hop dance routine and are so ready to wear your costume and makeup and dance on that stage this summer!
 And Oh My Heavens, you have turned into the fashion queen..........and I soooo use the term fashion loosely! I swear the wilder and crazier something is the more you love it.
You are writing like crazy these days! You are so ready for kindergarten but IDK if kindergarten is ready for you?!?!?