Saturday, March 12, 2016

Creed: 16 months

Oh my sweet little man the months just keep on and keep on flying bye! You are such an amazing little fellow! You are talking like CRAZY these days. You are now saying two and three words together. There is not much you can't say if you ask to to say it. Your sisters taught you to say "what's up" this month and you say it all the time and people just bust out laughing when you do it! You LOVE to be outside and love to play Bruce our dog. Every time you see a dog you start screaming BRUCE!!!! And you say NO a hundred times a day now..... I really thought that didn't start till the terrible two but buddy you know it and say it all the time! You know that Daddy's name is Shawn and you think it's funny to call me Shawn too.  I think we laugh at just about every you do and say silly boy! It's just crazy how much extra joy you added to all our lives. Your sister still fight over you and your attention left and right. This month you learned to say Mya so that's what you call Micah Claire. And you have been calling Kinley "DD" but this month you started saying Ninley. Kinley was really upset by this and keeps telling you to call her DD and you say NO and we all bust out laughing. 

Gracious you look half grown in this picture!

Love this sweet little face!

Blowing mommy some of your sweet kisses!

You look like MC's identical twin in this picture. It is shocking how much you resemble her!

look right

look left
okay I will look at mommy!

I can't believe Easter is upon us! I have been racking my brain trying to think of fun boy stuff to put in your basket!
What a big foot! You are in size 6 and 7 shoes already....YIKES!

Your first time in the big boy buggy at wal mart!!!!
And you think you are such a big boy now that you can climb up into chairs all by yourself!
OMG it seems like you have been sick off and on non-stop this last month. One day your fever shot up to 104.3 and you threw up. It scared us to death!
My pitiful, sick, sweet boy!
Another day of being sick! 

You got to go watch Kinley get her teeth cleaned at the dentist office and you had a blast!

 The weather has been great so we've outside qutie a bit! And are everywhere!
 Awe, sweet hugs for Bruce!
 The cutest little firemen ever!

 Having fun with Papaw during one of MC's gymnastics meet!

 I really thought having a boy meant a break from fixing hair but I was wrong! You stand at my leg and say hair till I pick you up and fix your hair!
 I mean you are just to dang cute!

 More fun outside....even in your diaper!
 You and Bruce are inseparable! I think Bruce is happy one of our kids is not scared of him!

 We even hit the park one day waiting for Kinley to get out of dance.

 You are such a mess but it's so hard to get on to you with that cute smile!
 And if I forget to lock my cabinet.....this mess happens in 2 seconds!
 And while I was making dinner one night I heard you saying "ummmmm!" And you had helped yourself to your first potato chip!
 Last Wednesday we stopped at KFC to eat before church and you reached over and grabbed my chicken strip before I could stop you...................and.............
 You LOVED it!
 MC showing you how to throw the basketball!

 And she even let you ride on her pink scooter!
 And last Saturday you got another hair cut! You did GREAT! You sat like a big boy and did not cry or scream one time!!!
I think this big blow pop may have helped distract you,lol!