Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Kinley: March Post

 March: Yep this was suppose to be posed weeks ago but these last few weeks have been total chaos in our I'm almost a whole month behind on posting about you Kinley bugs! You totally thought you would be 5 1/2 this month and you where HIGHLY upset when I corrected you that is would be April 1st before you rolled over to the "half." You want to grow up so fast sweet girl and it hurt my heart! You are still the jokester of the family; you are witty and have the driest sense of humor of any kid I have ever met. I am quite a bit nervous about you going to Kindergarten! I pray you get a teacher who appreciates your whit and you side of sas but also can make you see the importance of buttoning those lips up! You are officially signed up for tee ball and your first practice is today. I am super ready to see how you do this year! You are strong as an ox and know that you have a whole year under your belt, I am betting you are a beast this year! You have kindergarten round up tomorrow and uhhh I dread it! I know how fast time will start flying now and I dread it! You where asked last week if you would be interested in moving up to the gymnastics "preteam" for next school year. I knew that tickled you and you have so badly been wanting them to ask. We got in the car and I said....Kin what do you think?!?! You said; look mom I'm really not sure, I just need some time to think it all through. I will decide and let you know by the time I go to bed." It took all I had to not bust out laughing at your silly girl!
 allllllmost 5 1/2 years old

 Such a sweet smile!

 You are still SUPER into hair these days. And you LOVE to come up with your own style ideas and then make me try to carry those plans out......and I am soooo not creative at all!
 Apparently you got a flu nasal spray and then 11 days later got your 2 year old shots.......two of those shots where live virus like the flu mist. Well they have to be 28 dang days apart or they dont count and NO ONE caught that until we went in for your kindergarten check up. So you had to retake 2 shots. I felt horrible; hear I had told you that you were all done with shots till you are a teenager. But, you took it like a champ! No tears on the first one and only a few on the second one! So of course you deserved a special treat! And you picked a pedicure!
 And you had your first trip to mid america and you where so overwhelmed with all the fun things to do and try!
 You want to do EVERYTHING the big girls do and it so sweet to watch!

 I'm SUPER afraid your gonna ask Santa for this silly contraption! You LOVED IT! I lost count of how many times you went back to spin it!
 And bless your soul, you got separated from MC in the dark cave and got so upset! But big sister went back for you and then you wanted to do it again and again!
My little drummer girl!