Saturday, March 12, 2016

Little Rock Marathon Weekend

After months and months of running it was finally time to run your last mile of your 26.2 marathon! 

 My little marathoner up early and ready to go!!!!
 And of course your super sweet Aunt Paige sent you a text reminding you of how awesome you are! You sure a a blessed little girl to have an aunt like her!

 Wooooo hooooooo we made it there!!!
 26.2 baby!!!!!
 I was one proud mommy!
 MC and Harper!
 Just down right sweet!
 So many little Badgers ready to runnnnnnnn!
 I think yall got board waiting on the race to start and started playing some games,lol!
 While yall got ready, we headed over close to the finish line to wait on yall! And Kinley ran into the Chik-fil-a cows and had to have a picture with them!
 The coolest supporters ever!

 And finally the 2nd grade wave headed towards the finish and we saw you and daddy!!!

LOVE these two and their smiles!!
 My heart was beating so fast, I was just so excited to see yall!!!

 You got an awesome medal and certificate!!!
 one proud girl! All your hard work paid off sweet MC!
 Post race picture with Katie Jo!
 Then we headed into the expo hall
L-O-V-E this! I hope you love running all the days of your life MC!

And sassy sister had to have a piece of the action! 
Mommy and her marathoner!
 time to pick up Daddy's half marathon packet pick up!!!
 And of course the boys had to take an afternoon nap......................
so us girls hit the road! Over the bridge we went to explore and have fun!

 My big girls!

 After dinner it was poster time!!!! Posters, glue, glitter, stickers, markers, name it we had it!
 MC's poster
 KB's poster
 And this super cool kid couldn't wait for the race. She slept with her sunglasses and candy,lol!
 6am up and at em!!!! Time to watch our favorite daddy run 13.1!!!!!!!!!!
 And our sweet AG joined up!!!! Yall are the cutest cheerleaders EVER!!!!!!!!!
 Brother didn't know what to think about the bright sun, the crowds, the nosie
 across the bridge went to catch daddy and aunt Paige...........
 and we saw our BFF Taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NOT so patiently waiting on our racers!

and then we saw him! Our DADDY!!!!!!!!!! He rocked the half and set a new PR by finishing well under the 2 hour mark!!!!

 These girls where so pumped for their daddy! It was such a fun experience to watch!!!
 Post Race Family pic..............................
plus Creed in the stroller,lol!