Monday, March 7, 2016

What a Valentines!

I think this was the busiest Valentines we have ever had! Friday, MC was out of school for parent teacher conference, then brother had a 15 month check up and then we had to hurry up and make it Kinley's school for her Valentines party. Her last Valentines party at daycare because next year she will be a big time Kindergartner! OMG that just sounds like it should not be possible! 

These girls have been together since they were brand spanking newborns! They are just precious!
And totally goofy and I love them so much!
Oh and our sweet Emmett! What would we do without you?!?! We sure wouldn't laugh till our face and bellys hurt! You are a true character! 
What a four some!
And then it was time for Vday songs! My sweetheart making a sweet heart!

And the good part......sweet treats!

And then time to dig in and look at all those Valentines and even more treats!
And brother thought he was such a big boy getting to play in your room and with your toys! 
Valentines morning my sweet boy got his very own balloon and
a bottle of mini M&Ms. He loved the way they sounded when he shock them. He had NO idea what was inside and how yummy it really was,lol!
And of course our big girls got ballons along with a giant Hello Kitty Marshmallow sucker.

I knew they where up to something Saturday night but I was not allowed in their room. But Sunday morning when I got home from the gym....... I found my SUPER CUTE surprise! They took bananas and work "I am bananas fro you" and then decorated them with hearts! MC found it on pinterest and was so proud of herself for doing so! I mean my heart just melted! I sure am one lucky mommy!
OH BOY then the REAL FUN!!!!! They where told to shower and  dry their hair and then report to my room for hair and make up! They where beside themselves with excitement but had NO idea what was going on! Kinley asked if we where going to get a  mini van!??! And MC thought where were taking them to a movie or dinner. Can ya tell this girl is excited!!!!!!!! Makes me heart do back flips to see them so excited!
And this girl was tickled nine kinds of pink about whatever it was that they where about to do!
Hair and make up done
hair and make up done!
And I HAD to take a picture of the back curls " because they are different than the front curls mommy!"

OMG be still my dang heart! These girls look simply stunning!

My sassy #2

My sweet but shy #1

And then FINALLY they where told they where headed to "My Prince and I." It was a Vday dance our little town had and they where in shock and excited!!! LOVE Kinley's face here! She is such the dramatic child!
I am one lucky wife and mommy I tell ya!

And off to the ball they went! They danced and partied and had cookies and cupcakes with their prince charming and all their little friends!