Thursday, April 28, 2016

Easter 2016

Oh YIKES, I can't believe Easter was a month ago and I am just now getting around to posting pictures! I had knee surgery the week before Easter so that really damped the spring in my step so to speak. But the kids still had a great Easter week! 

Kinley getting in her last Easter egg hunt at daycare.......still hard to believe she will be in Kindergarten next year!
Look at all those dancing bunnies!

Last school's time for Kindergarten!

Our crew!

Then it time for Easter fun at the Cowarts!
waiting on the egg hunt to start..........
still waiting
well.....let me see what kind of trouble I can get it before we start!

He found Poppa's "mote"
and the two other Cowart girls who have stolen my heart!!! Aunt Paige and Greer!
It's FINALLY time to hung eggs!!!

Colton just thought he could contain Creed,lol!
He found his first egg...........such fun!!!!
And of course the big kids went straight to looking for the prize egg!

daddy helping brother out

YAY......another egg.......such excitment!

and with a little help from Uncle Brain, she found the big silver egg!

These two where so mad when I asked them to stop and take a picture! MOM.....we have to find the prize egg!
Madelyn and KB........precious picture!
Creed taking his time and getting lots of help finding those eggs!
Oh melt my heart why don't ya! Too cute!

All Smiles!

My cutie pies!

And these girls.........seems like just the other day they where all teeny tiny!
Then it was time for the Easter bunny to come!!!

the girls where up at FOUR am........YES I said FOUR am to see what they got. Mean mom made them go back to bed till at least 6am! They laid in my floor till SIX am and then they where right back up and at em! And then brother woke at 7am and they could't wait to show him his basket!
LOVE this sleep headed little thing!
all kinds of sister help........bless him!
OHHHH ..... the Easter bunny brought him his own sunglasses! Too cool!

and he got two mini M&Ms! 

Then he decided he needed some time alone with his basket,lol!

The girls had already been through there goodies and put them up when I said get your baskets and lets all take a picture! I busted out laughing when I saw there empty baskets..........oh to be that young and excited again!
Church Time.........time to get all dressed up and celebrate the true meaning of Easter!
My little cuties!
You are all so precious for so many reasons but mostly because you are mine!

sure wish I could bottle you big girls up and slow down time!
the happiest little dude in town!

just the most precious face ever!

and why not do the wave during your Easter picutres!?!?

And don't you just love getting a sweet family picture and then when you finally download them you get to see your oldest........acting like an Easter bunny. Uhhhhh really MC?!?!

After church it was time to hit up Nana's house!

By now Creed was a pro at this!

She found the prize egg..........
OHHHHHH the joy!

precious precious precious!

sweet hugs and
kiss for Nana!

And what better way to wind up an Easter celebration than with some cake!
lots and lots of cake,lol!