Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Creed: April

April 2nd: This is our LAST month to just be a one year old Creed! month you turn 1.5. And that means TWO is only 6 months away. Dang how and why time just running away this quickly! You are talking up a storm these days. You say NO WAY all the blessed time! You are starting to say your ABCs and you can count to 11. You still love bananas and cheese but you have also fallen in love with yogurt and graham crackers this month. You are FINALLY starting to like milk and even ask for a few days a week. You had your first taste of ketchup this month and dear me you LOVED it! You are not a fan of any kind of meat, but now if I put ketchup over it you will tear it up! You have gotten two hair cuts over the last month...... your hair is so thick and goes like CRAZY! You love suckers and call them SUCKS! You saw a display of them in Wal-Mart one day and you started hollering SUCKS....SUCKS....SUCKS and I wanted to crawl under the buggy! And of course we ran into a lady from our church during this and I had to explain why you where hollering SUCKS at the top of your lungs! She just busted out laughing. She told me when her son was little he called a clock a cock so he would point as someones watch and say COCK. So....maybe SUCKS isnt that bad,lol! You are acting super ready to potty train some days. You will tell me as soon as you tee tee or poop and you have tee teed on the potty one time! So maybe over the next few months we can work our way out of those dang expensive diapers! 

Oh the mohawk......I just LOVE it!

OHHHHHHHHHHH my stars! This boy and this big ole smile have my heart and soul!

I mean could you get an dang cuter?!?!?!?

LOVE you CB!
Almost 1 and half............sure wish I could stop the clock for just a little bit!

 You are such a little camera ham these days; but you try hard to play shy and it cracks me and you up!
 Two weekends ago we bought you a mower that blows bubbles and you where in heaven!!
 You saw daddy and stopped hollered.......DAAAAADDDY! It was just too precious!
 You patiently waited on him to get closer!

 And then you got super sad when we drove off!
 Most afternoons are now spent at ball practice or ball games! And you take peanut butter crackers and eat them up and the run around like crazy!
 You love to watch sister play and you holler Ninley and get so mad when she can't hear you!
 One day they even left the tractor at the filed and OMG did you go absolutely NUTS to get on it! You are SUCH a BOY and I LOVE IT!
 you and this bucket are about inseparable these days; it holds all your chalk and you love to draw on Nana's driveway and side walk.
 One night last week I was trying to get you to sleep and you sat up and said Daddy...hold you. Uhhhh talk about a knife in the ole stomach! I thought for sure you would only stay a second and them come back.............but sadly I was wrong! But how stinking sweet is this picture! Uhhhhh precious!!!
 Sunday Snoozers sweet boys!
 You saw this Mickey Mouse shirt in Wal Mart and about jumped out of buggy to get it so of course I had to buy it!
You are such silly boy! You are into EVERYTHING and you keep me on my toes!