Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Kinley: April: FIVE AND HALF

April 1st..... You officially turned Five and HALF years old Kinley Cowart! You know what that means......SIX is half way here. You have already told me you want a swim party at the local college but you haven't decided what you want your cake to look like. I told you to take your time.....don't feel rushed to pick a theme anytime soon,lol! This has been a BUSY and exciting month for you sweet girl! You registered for Kindergarten, started softball, and learned to ride your bike without training wheels (again,lol)! 
Please do NOT look back at these pictures in 15-20 years and think I dressed you...........You where told to get your OFF white tights and OFF white shoes..... Wellllll, the shoes you got..... but the panty hose where as WHITE as Christmas snow! You said you "looked all over this house and couldn't find them so these will have to do!" So .....YEP I was that mom that let you go to church in white panty hose and you could have cared less. I LOVE that you don't feel the need to bend to what other think, what people think or say really doesn't bother you Kinley Bugs. I pray you keep that attitude your whole life!

My little cheeser
I love the sun rise shining down on you here...... I think that's Gods light shining over you and in you!
FIVE and a HALF! It looks good on you sweet thang!

Sweet, sweet smile!
You worship the ground this girl walks on and it's precious! Shes at at age where everything you do irritates her and that crushes you! I am doing my best to try and show you JUST how lucky you two are to have each other but some days ALL I get back are grunts and eye rolls!
My sweet, sweet girls!

 Kindergarten registration FINALLY came!!!!!!!!!
 checking out those eyes

 checking your pulse ox levels
A little blood pressure action

 And after speech and hearing test you where ALLLLLL DONE!!!!
 Two weekends ago Uncle Eric invited us down to fish and you guys had a blast...........well that is until some how you kicked your flip flop into the pond....which led to a melt down till Nana fished it out!
 Creed has finally fallen for you! He talks about "Ninley" from the time he wakes till the time he goes to sleep!
 LOVE the smile you put on his face Kinley Bugs!
 You are just growing into a wonderful big sister!
 My little Dugout Doll ready for her first softball game of the year!!!
You have the cutest, sweetest little girls on your team! You have a great first game; you smacked four good hits and through someone out twice at first! 

TWO years ago daddy taught you to ride with no training wheels but for some reason you got scared and quit. But last week you FINALLY braved it and got back on and did AWESOME! Nana even bought you a new big girl bike for her house!