Friday, April 1, 2016

MC: 8.5 in March

OH MY STARS .........Micah Claire you are officially 8 1/2 years old. We will be planning that 9th birthday party before too long and next thing you know we will be headed towards DOUBLE DIGITS in your age.......HOLY COW!!!! 

 March 11th you attended your first ever state gymnastics meet! We where up and headed to Little Rock before the sun was even up and you where one very excited litlte girl! You and I got in a few extra practices the last two week before state so I knew how ready you where and I was ready to see you shine!
 Look at that smile.....LOVE IT! Daddy and I got you a bouquet of flowers and you where tickled pink over that!
 And then it was time!!!!!

 Ms. Reagan was there ready to coach you one!
 The meet went super fast and you did AMAZING! I have never seen your perform so well and looked so confident in yourself! I was one proud mommy, MC!
 After the meet we headed to Chuck-E-Cheese for a quick lunch and some fun. You big girls where in too big of a hurry to take any pictures but brother bear had a blast on the train!
 When we got had some special surprises waiting on you!
 Papaw had your picture printed on a poster and laminated......and waht was in that sack........
 OMG a shirt with your picture on it!!! You are one spoiled  lucky little girl MC!

There where 10 girls who qualified in your age group and you got FOURTH overall! CONGRATS my sweet girl; all your hard work and dedication paid off!