Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Micah Claire: April

April 4th: 8 years and 7 months old........ going on 23 year. I am telling you MC some days you act a little to grown for you britches as we say in the south! You can NOT talk these days without your eyes rolling in the back of your head and your head and neck just flop all about. I am beginning to think I need to take you the doctor and get your checked out. But as I talk to all your friends mothers..... they say their daughter is doing the same things. Gracious I sure hope this stage/phase passes quickly! But I think it really wont be over till your about 20 years old. LORD HELP US!!!! You are just about tired of school and ready for your summer break and I can't say I blame ya! Im over all your homework and projects too! You had a sleepover with a new friend a few weekends ago and I was a nervous wreck the entire night and next morning till you came home. But you had a great time so that's all that matters! You where chosen to play the lead role of "Old Mrs. McDonald" in your school play so I can not wait to see you perform! You have your first dance recital in 4 weeks and you are super pumped about it! I love you sweet girl, thanks for being my everything!

I mean......these three just crack me up!

it maybe YEARS before we get a normal family picture but I will enjoy these fun and
silly ones for ever!
And brother was OFF!
My sweet girls! MC I wish you could see how much KB loves and adores you and would do anything to be you! You have a life long built in bff and I hope you see the treasure in that!

 LOVE this happy little smile! You caught four good  fish and every time you would say.....okay I will actually try and hold this one but it NEVER happened! Bit that's okay, mommy is the same way!
 My littel dare devils!

 family fun on the trampoline!
POP goes KB

OMG daddy where did your head go?!?!?

You have learned a squat on the low bar, a front handspring on floor, a front hand spring on the real vault and a cartwheel on the high beam this last month! It's so fun to see you learn on these new skills MC!