Monday, May 9, 2016

Kinley: May 2016

 May 1st, 2016: 5 years and 7 months! You are growing like a weed these days! It seems like one day you woke up and your clothes and your shoes just didn't fit any more! You are adamit that your front teeth are loose and are going to fall out any day now.......but the truth is the don't even kinda wiggle silly girl! You want to do everything MC does and even though it drives MC crazy, this mommy thinks is super sweet! You talk LOUDER than any kid I know. You personality is as big and loud as your mouth. There is never a dull moment in our house with you Kinley Beth! Daddy left two weeks ago and was gone for 6 days to San Antonio. You did really good the first day he was gone, but the next 5 days you cried like a baby for him. On night five you said, I have had enough of this; I want my daddy to come home!" It melted my heart to see what a daddy's girl you are. I remember feeling that way about my daddy when I was little. I pray you never lose that love, that bond, that attachment with your daddy! 

 My goodness you just look half grown! I still remember when you had WILD jet black hair and where the cutest, chubbiest baby around town!
 One silly little girl!

 You're just to darn cute Kinley Bugs!
 Your buddy Sealy Kay started at your daycare two weeks ago and you where in heaven!
 This last weekend was the annual Andy Allison race. This was the first year you got to really compete.
 Your new buddy Morgan! She is precious inside and out just like her mommy!
 Ready.....Set.....Run! You had a blast and could have cared less what place you got! When you came running my me you where just a talking to your buddies. I love your laid back soul Kinley!
 And then Aunt Paige took you and MC to see Frozen Saturday afternoon! You girls are so blessed to have an aunt that loves you so much and always thinks of you! I pray you and MC love Greer and grow into her; as Aunt Paige and I have grown into each other!
 Oh the world may not be ready for this much Cowart sass!

You are LOVING some softball this year! Actually....what you really love is talking to your buddies when they round the bases,lol!
Every morning that daddy was gone we had to talk to him over Bluetooth on the way to school and you demanded we send him a car selfie! You are such the family coordinator for these kind of silly things! I love you more than chocolate sweet bugs!